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Almost perfect weather greeted those present at the Killarney International Raceway on Saturday 18 November 2023. It was the final opportunity to gain valuable points or to simply enjoy racing in each of the regional racing categories. Ten individual races for the final race day of the 10th Wingfield Motors Power Series setting the scene for a great day. Could not help but notice that most of the officialdom was ladies with Arlene Brown as the Clerk of the Course.

Kaltron Supercars 2×8 Laps
A series that was once the pride and joy of Owen Ashley and it still has great potential under new leadership. A difficult year where the numbers never really matched the enthusiasm, but with ten cars present there was optimism that these goals will be met in 2024.

Glen Phillips taking overall honours on the day from Kyle Hallick and Andrew Moffitt. Andrew quite literally blowing an engine on the start finish line as the chequered flag was shown by André Grewe. Taseen Damon fourth, Allister Bosman fifth and Stefan Nortjé sixth.

Bejo Trustees Fine Cars 2×8 Laps
Arnold Lambert and Günther Appelgryn must have had Jaybee Pretorius watching with approval as the blue 61 VW Jetta MkII and green BMW E36 325i kept each other honest all day. Cutting out for no apparent reason had Appelgryn baffled for a few moments, but he could restart and continue.

With most of the Fine Cars actually road registered numbers also tend to fluctuate as these vehicles and their drivers tend to support many other events during the year. Dave Alexander and Di Dugmore contested the recent 36th Fairest Cape Tour in their red 1971 Morgan Plus 8 and now Dave finished third overall in a green Morgan with Robert Toscano home fourth in his regular 334 Mazda Miata MX5. Natasha Tischendorf fifth in her 2 VW Jetta and Di Dugmore sixth in her second 80 Austin Healey for the weekend. The little yellow Sprite blew a headgasket and the green alternative was not sounding great either.

Though Index of Performance results were still to be revealed it is anticipated that Roger Lewis would be retaining his number 1 on the MGA for 2024.

Alert Engine Parts GTi Challenge 2×8 Laps
With class A still up for grabs going into the final round it was expected to deliver some fireworks and just for good measure it tested a few tempers and added extensive panel damage throughout the field.

Going into the final heat of the year Jurie Swart and Clinton Bezuidenhout shared the points. Both had car issues leading into the weekend and heat one set the scene for a dramatic finale. A delaminating front brake pad had Jurie sideswipe Marco Busi into turn 5 which effectively destroyed all chances of victory for Busi but then Swart and Bezuidenhout rubbed panels to the extend that the Stewards placed both under observation for the second heat and forcing Bezuidenhout to start from the back of class A. Already somewhat down on power it effectively ruled Bezuidenhout out of the class title as Swart simply had to stay ahead to win.
Overall it was Kai van Zyl (34A Origen Oil) winning from Jurie Swart (1A Bullion IT) and Clinton Bezuidenhout (57A Progress Precision Engineering), Marco Busi (41A Simtech Motorsport), Jeandre Marais (95A Summit Racing), Ian Kapp (65A Hydracor Hydraulics) and Schalk Geldenhuys (10A G&A Motorsport).

Already unofficially crowned the overall Alert Engine Parts GTi Drivers Champion for 2023 (there is no such championship officially) as well as the class B championship had Zaki Hendricks (7B Wheelworx Mag Repairs) finishing off his season in style with another class win from a vastly improved Kyle Visser (61B Charl Engineering), Mario Roux (17B Automar Automotive Selling), Brent van der Schyff (69B Whiteknuckle), Marc Thompson (81B Somerset Refrigiration) and Danie Sandenbergh (70B Eikestad Panelbeaters).

Dylan van Eden started the day as the 2023 class C champion and immediately got tangled in a tiff with Mark Fontini in turn 1. A strange incident which was viewed as a racing incident with no further action by the Stewards. Mark Fontini (31C Goch & Cooper) going on to claim overall victory for the day from Dylan van Eden (55C RVE Digital Marketing). Deon Dreyer (68C API Property Group) spun in Pertamina Fastron but still managed third with Daniel Munna (33C API Property Group) fortunate to finish fourth. Zac Laden (64C Angri Racing Academy) fifth.

Munna and Nur Abass (15C Spicemecca) tangled going into Pertamina Fastron and Weylin Volschenk (52C IMC-SA) tail-ended the Abass car rather comprehensively. Zac Laden (64C Agri Racing Academy) fortunate to escape with light contact. With the cars of Volschenk and Abass stuck on the actual racing surface it was somewhat surprising that the race continued with double yellows being waved.

Everybody seemingly aware of the cars and under double yellow single filing past the scenario until Mohammed Khalfey (14B Mad Performance) entered the corner on the outside of Kyle Visser (61B Charl Electrical), under double yellow. Needless to say his race was run and the two class C cars sported even more damage.

Pirelli V8 Masters 2×8 Laps
Eleven started and five were classified as finishers. Not the finest day for the Pirelli V8 Masters as heat two had to be reg flagged when Alan Eve (22 NAC Helicopters) lost control under braking into Pertamina Fastron and Gary Thomson (17) shrunk his own APV347is substantially before coming to a stop alongside.

Fabio Tafani celebrated a return to form in Heat one by simply running away from the field in the No 39 Club Refrigeration entry and then failed to start heat two.

Sean Moore (1 Ziegler Logistics) claiming overall victory from Jason Ibbotson (46 Autohaus Angel), Brandon Dean (7), Stuart Spooner (55) and Lynch Jordaan (70).

Bridgestone STC 650 – SSP 300 2×9 Laps
Nicholas Hutchings (72 HSC Racing Suzuki SV650) winning overall from Jamie Hall (65 MGA Racing Kawasaki ER650) and Lance Jonas (83 Samurai Racing Suzuki SV650), the colourful 92 Bulldog Racing Suzuki SV650 of Matthew van Niekerk, Wouter Smit (113 Livingstone Baths Yamaha MT07) and Braddon Hutchings (74 HXSC Racing Kawasaki ER650).

Adrian Solomon (4 Pool King Kawasaki Ninja 400) beating a determined Abigail Bosson (51 Ateka Yamaha RZF R3) in the SSP300 category and Mitch Robinson (71 The Mag Repair Shop Kawasaki Ninja 400) claiming third from Raymond Alexander (11 Microil Kawasaki Ninja 300). Ryno Kotzé (7 Design Your Sign Kawasaki Ninja 400) slotting into fifth.

Triumph Motorcycles Superbike / Masters / Challenge / 600cc 2×9 Laps
Having taken a nasty tumble during the previous weekend short circuit racing Kewyn Snyman (19 Missile Motorcycles Honda CBR 1000) was a doubtfull started having spent some time in hospital.

Allann-Jon Venter is a formidable foe on the Lekker Racing 39 Truevine / Vault Markets Kawasaki ZX10 and overall victory became a matter of procedure when Kewyn Snyman followed his own good advice to not start heat two. David Enticott (78 Ravenol Kawasaki ZX10R) taking second spot with Mark van den Bergh (Master 96 GFP Suzuki GSXR1000) third, Brad Bodsworth (Master 41 Bad Bee Racing Honda CBR 1000) fourth in class.

Undoubtedly the racing of the day was provided by Slade van Niekerk (111 Project Sixty SA Kawasaki ZX60 and Tristin Pienaar (50 Stocker Trailers Yamaha R6). Racing almost as one in both heats either could have won, but what a pleasure to see them in action! Jason Linaker (93 RST Honda CBR600) a distant third.

Quinten Weening (85 Bulldog Racing Yamaha R1) claimed top honours in the SBK Challenge from Deon Ebel (Master 27 Honda CBR 1000 RR), Gerhard Vrey (21 Somerset Auto Clinic Kawasaki ZX10R), Wayne Arendse (Master 33 The JJ Smith Trust Kawasaki ZX10R), Jonathan Schwerin (Master 67 Kawasaki ZX10R) and Wesley Hendricks (29 Maxicool Kawasaki ZX10R).

South Motorcycles Clubman / Classic Superbikes / Breakfast Run 2×9 Laps
Danie “van Killarney” Maritz (64 Go Daddy Suzuki GSXR1000) came out to play after resting some eight months and simply did what Danie does best – win easily! The veteran 60 year old youngster taking matters in his stride with Sharief Reynolds (7 Ducati 996) second in the Classic Superbike category, Wayne Gresse (95 Tony’s Motor Spares Yamaha R1) third, Mario Ferreira (44 Promar Projects BMW R1100S) fourth after trying his hand at gravel racing in Pertamina Fastron. John Kosterman (81 Suzuki GSXR1000) fifth.

Leighton Thomas (55 Unbuntu Movers Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja) claimed top honours in the Clubman category from Shandin Thompson (34 MGA Racing Yamaha R6), Chad Thompson (40 ST Construction Suzuki GSXR600), Jayson Bulterman (90 Power Steering Solutions BMW F800) and Willem Louw (86 Kawasaki ZX6R).

Only two Breakfast Runners this time and it was Tyla Webber (76 Suzuki GSXR750) winning from Phillip Rimmer (8 Iron Horse Relocations Yamaha R1).

Formula Libre 2×10 Laps
Dee-Jay Booysen (20S Dico VW Reynard) won pretty much as he pleased with Ryno Pentz (65C Dico 4×4 VW Omega) second despite having lost it’s rear wing into Castrol corner. André le Riche (18V Racelab Kartring Lantis) third, Byron Mitchell (21V Dolphin Engineering Forza) fourth, Kelly Fletcher (22V Dolphin Engineering Forza) fifth and Donovan Ramsay (95V Kerston Foods Sting) sixth.

Lauda Classic Cars 2×8 Laps
Sporting everything that modern motorsport no longer can this series time and again deliver in numbers, variety, personalities, sound and sheer spectacle and Saturday was another great example despite some of the big hitters not being present.

Franco Donadio (1A Donadio Plant Hire Ford Escort Mk1) was actually beaten in heat one by 0.099 of a second! Then came heat two and Michael Hitchcock got tail happy in Castrol corner, recovered only to find the Escort trying to share the same spot on the road. The Mustang proving that weight occasionally has benefits, unintentionally spitting the Escort into the outside perimeter wall. Maybe Franco will now finally retaliate by bringing the Little “heavy” Chev to the party in 2024?

Michael Hitchcock (67A Cross Cape Forklift Services Ford Mustang V8) taking the final overall victory of the season from Glen Uytenbogaardt (66 Cross Cape Forklift Services Ford Granada Perana V8) second and the mighty Trevor Momberg (73B All Scale Ford Capri Interceptor V6) third. Ferdi Mouton (68B Cross Cape Forklift Services Ford Mustang V8) rotated into the Pertamina Fastron scenery on his final lap but could recover to finish fourth. Andrew Honeyball (196B Porsche 944 Turbo) a consistent fifth and the top six completed by Jeandré Botes (29B Nissan Skyline GTX 2.8). Bruce Avern-Taplin (77B Toyota Corolla Sprinter) sixth in class.

Cary Blows (52C Datsun 240Z) won his class from a determined Wayne Lötter (120C Killarney Spares Ford Escort MkI) and Wynand Nell (44C Harkers Automotive Ford Anglia). Layne Hutchings (74C HSC Racing VW Golf MkIIG Ti) fourth in class but also the 2023 Laude Classic Car champion. Trevor Hutchings (71 HSC Racing VW Scirocco) fifth and Deon Conradie (86C Garage 86 Toyota Conquest RSi) sixth.

Robert Rowe (84D Veldt Services BMW 325i) ahead of Dave Rowley (148D Flat Four Racing VW Beetle) and Theo Claassen (85D Yesterday’s Heroes Nissan Skyline GTX 2.8) and James Matthee (700 Technofill Honda CRX).

Craig Blows (51E Blows Boys Racing Datsun P510 1600 SSS) added a third class win for team owner Cary Blows. Melt Carstens (201 Ford Cortina MkII) placing second in what is said to have been his final race. Visiting Ad Verjkuilen the only runner in class X with the neat Cape Eye Laser 414X Ford Capri MkI.

Thermo Fires Clubman Saloons 2×8 Laps
Charl Visser (338X Charl Engineering VW Super Polo), the 2023 GTi Polo national champion, took overall victory with Oliver Hintenaus (76X BMW E46) second. Dexter Bruce third in class with his far more sedate 143X Krisp Vehicle Cooling BMW E36.
Class A fell apart as Clint Rennard (3A G&A Motorsport VW Golf MkII) could not compete in heat two due to suspension maladies. Jess Huggett (70A Philwest VW Jette MkII) also saw a great performance end when something broke in the gearbox, punching a hole through the casing as he came through Pertamina Fastron. Daanyaal Coetzee (46A A&M Plumbing BMW E46 M3) saw his great start disappear in a cloud of smoke as the Beemer blew an engine coming out of Turn 1. Basie Burger (52A Italoven VW Golf) also initially looked strong before disappearing.

Paul Munnik (79B Audi VW Auto Clinic VW Golf MkI) had a off in Castrol but at least finished to claim the class victory.
Gary Smith (68C Truckport Logistics BMW 530) took the class from an off roading Ciara van Niekerk (16C Wingfield Motors VW Golf MkI) and Eugen Casperl (95C BMW E46).

Charl Opperman (89D Excelsior Airbrakes VW Golf MkI) the only runner in class D, none in class E.

Evert van Niekerk (651F New Engineering Ford Falcon) beat André van der Merwe (123F Huguenot Valley Mineral Water Chrysler C300), John da Silva (142C Goch & Cooper VW Golf MkI), Zahir Phillips (107C MRP Auto Racing VW Jetta MkII) , Ley Fielding (67C BMW E36) and Azhar Davids (303C College of Cape Town VW Jetta).

Wild Rose Gin Sport & GT Cars 2×10 Laps
Steve Humble (91S Ravenol Pilbeam-Judd MP91) took the presence of Daiwe Joubert (28S Wild Rose Gin Lotus Exige – Ferrari) seriously and broke through the magical 1min10 barrier to stay ahead.

The ever experimenting Joubert ran 0.7 bar boost in heat one and managed to stay within reach of the Pilbeam until shifting down became an issue. For heat two Joubert upped te boost to 1.0 bar, got the shifting sorted, but forgot to compensate for fuel and could not complete the race.

Class A won by Clinton Thorne in the “angry hornet” 27A Fulloutput Toyota powered Lotus 7 with Gary Kieswetter in the sweet sounding Martini coloured 43A Advanced Packaging technology Porsche GT3 Cup second and Francis Carruther third in the 69A Harp Motorsport Pilbeam- Nissan MP84.

Martin Pugh (21B Appleberry Farms Shelby Can Am) beat Maarten Prins (72B Motul Porsche GT3 Cup) home in class B and in class C it was the 2023 Wild Rose Gin Sport & GT Car Champion, Divan Luzmore, who dominated in the GT Clubsport 99C Nissan 2350Z.

Dr Mike Verrier (4 NDT Racing BMW Z4M GT) won class D from Connor Kilbride (42D Spirit Nissan 350Z), Ray Farnham (9D Opel Birkin 7), Gavin Erasmus (41D SDS Nissan 350Z) and Emile Botha (19D Precision Wealth Nissan 350Z).

See you at Killarney on 9 December 2023

Published by: Patrick Vermaak

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