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Motorsport South Africa (MSA) supports the South African Government’s Transformation Charter for South African Sport (SASCOC, 2021).

Transformation is defined as a process of holistically changing the delivery of sport through the actions of individuals and organisations that comprise the sport sector to ensure:

  • Increased access and opportunities for ALL South Africans, including women, persons with disabilities, youth, children and the elderly to sport and recreation opportunities.
  • The socio-economic benefits of sport are harnessed.
  • The constitutional right to sport is recognised.

Thus, transformation describes the establishment of a sport system that has a focus on the principles of:

  • human capital development,
  • equitable resource distribution,
  • elimination of all inequalities,
  • increased access to participation opportunities,
  • skill and capability development at all levels and in all areas of activity,
  • greater community involvement through new sport infrastructure development,
  • empowerment of the individual,
  • respect for each other,
  • fair, transparent and just behaviour,
  • innovation to give South Africa a competitive edge in world sport; and
  • good governance.

MSA therefore recognises that diversity, inclusion and equity are encompassed in this Transformation Charter.