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This code of conduct represents Motorsport South Africa’s (MSA’s) guidelines and expectations in relation to the behaviour and conduct of its employees, commission and committee members, officials and other persons under its direction or representing MSA at any time and in any place (‘Representatives’). This code of conduct is binding on all MSA representatives.

This code of conduct applies at MSA sanctioned motorsport or other events such as social or sponsorship events, including foreign meetings and events when representing MSA, travelling to or from such places, and at all other times at which any representative is wearing MSA apparel or uniforms, and other items branded with the MSA logo, whether required to do so or by choice. It also applies to the sending of correspondence and the use of social media.


MSA has a proud history of non-discrimination, and refrains from manifesting racial, political, gender or religious discrimination in the course of its activities and requires the same of its representatives.

MSA, being a member of SASCOC, accepts the code of conduct of SASCOC as provided for in its constitution.

MSA acknowledges that it is bound by the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and all other applicable national, provincial and local laws and regulations and expects its representatives to conduct themselves within that framework.

MSA acknowledges in particular the provisions of Section 9 of the Constitution and particularly the prohibition of direct or indirect discrimination against any person on the grounds of race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, language and birth.


MSA’s representatives acknowledge that they are required to act in accordance with the following principles:

MSA’s representatives

  • acknowledge that MSA carries on the business of providing fair, safe and socially responsible motorsport, an activity which is, therefore vulnerable if it’s media, public or professional image is tarnished in any way;
  • agree to act professionally and represent MSA in a professional manner at all times;
  • must respect the rights dignity and worth of everyone involved in any motorsport event;
  • must not engage in any form of harassment against any participant in MSA activities, be it physical, mental, professional or sexual harassment.
  • must serve as a positive role model for those they come into contact with in the sport;
  • should treat other officials with courtesy and refrain from interfering with their responsibilities;
  • must co-operate with organisers, team managers and competitors;
  • while being friendly with competitors, must avoid any intimacy or inappropriate relationships
  • must ensure that they are free of obligations to any other interest, and must avoid conflicts of interest;
  • must not be party to any actions which unfairly limit or restrain the access of others to officiating opportunities; and
  • must not publicly do or say (or omit to do or say) anything which is or may be detrimental, prejudicial, offensive or unfavourable to MSA, it sponsors and persons related to it sponsors either legally or professionally, or which might generate unfavourable or undesirable criticism of them or any of their products, services or personnel.

MSA’s representatives should be appropriately prepared for their duties in all aspects, including fitness, dress, promptness and being appropriately equipped (this includes adequate knowledge of MSA’s rules and regulations as appropriate).

Good Sportsmanship
MSA’s representatives acknowledge that part of their activities are in the highly publicised and visible activity of motorsport and undertake to behave towards others in the spirit of fairness and in a sportsmanlike manner.

MSA’s representatives must not behave in a manner that exhibits bias or commit any premeditated breach of the law nor of any of MSA’s GCRs and SSRs, or the supplementary regulations of any event or the privately imposed rules and regulations relating to any venue or event.

MSA’s representatives must not gamble or wager in relation to any event to which they are appointed, or may have any influence over, or the outcome thereof.

Compliance with the law
MSA’s representatives are expected to comply with all laws, statutes, rules and codes of practice, regulations or bylaws in force at any time, whether relating to MSA, motorsport in general or any other applicable matter.

Road Safety
MSA is committed to a variety of initiatives to improve road safety within our country. All MSA representatives are expected to drive courteously, carefully, mindful of the rights of other road users and observing of the law. This should be particularly borne in mind when driving vehicles displaying brandings or markings related to MSA, its sponsors and the events which it sanctions.

By the nature of its business MSA’s representatives frequently have access to vehicles on loan from motor manufacturers, sponsors and other parties, and its representatives have a duty to respect and treat such vehicles properly.

Loaned vehicles should always be returned with at least as much fuel in the fuel tank as was the case when they were received, and in a clean condition. Any damage to a loan vehicle should immediately and courteously be reported either directly to the provider or via more senior officials on the event where applicable.

Where MSA hires vehicles for the use of its representatives, (or vehicles are hired for such representatives, by sponsors or other stakeholders) such vehicles shall similarly be treated with respect and the conditions of rental must be read, understood and respected by the representatives concerned.

Consideration of MSA, event organisers and key stakeholders
MSA’s representatives must recognise the authority of, and comply with, the rules, regulations, determinations, resolutions, directions or orders from time to time in force or made by all organisations and professional bodies which control motorsport or any other aspect of the sport from time to time, in particular, but not limited to, safety and disciplinary matters.

Compliance with venue rules
MSA’s representatives must observe and perform the terms and conditions of any lease, license, entry ticket or other agreement in force for any venue used for any event and comply with any applicable rules and regulations affecting the use of the venue and any instructions including those of Stewards of the Meeting or requests made on behalf of the owner, the lessee or licensee of the venue.

Environmental awareness
MSA expects its representatives to display a high level of environmental awareness and to take steps to ensure that their activities have as minimal an impact on the environment as is possible. MSA’s representatives should be guided at all times in this regard by the provisions of MSA’s Environmental Code.

Respect for intellectual property
Without limiting their obligations, MSA’s representatives must not do (or omit to do) or be involved in the doing of anything by which intellectual property rights owned by MSA may be lost or detrimentally affected. In addition MSA’s representatives shall not release documents or other information acquired during their duties without the authorisation of MSA.

Appropriate appearance
MSA’s representatives must exhibit an appropriate standard of dress, cleanliness and appearance and, when required to do so, wear and maintain in a clean and presentable condition the apparel/ uniform issued by MSA or its sponsors in its entirety and without modification.

Exercise common sense
MSA’s representatives must recognise their conduct on behalf of MSA including, without limitation, at motorsport events, is by its nature hazardous and they must therefore exercise common sense at all times with regard to both their own personal safety and the safety of others.

Alcohol and Drugs
The GCRs of MSA prohibit all officials from the consumption of alcohol until such time as they have discharged all of their official duties in their entirety. MSA’s representatives should, in addition, avoid inappropriate behaviour such as the excessive use of alcohol or the use of recreational drugs. Representatives should also bear in mind that they cannot perform their duties to the highest standard when suffering the after effects of overindulgence in alcohol.

Social media
Unless social media forms part of a representative’s duties, attention should always remain focused on the representative’s responsibilities. The use of mobile devices and the Internet should be saved for either a break or the end of the day.

The following represent broad guidelines for the use of social media by MSA’s representatives:

  • Put yourself in the other person’s shoes
    Take a moment to think before you post. If it was you someone was posting a picture or comment about, how would you feel?
  • Once it’s out there it’s out there
    Never assume that something you post online is private. Comments, photos and status updates can all be copied, shown to friends, screen captured and saved or sent on by others. Always assume the person you are posting about will see your post.
  • If in doubt, leave it out
    If you have to stop and think about it, it probably means you should not be posting it! Remember, your online presence is part of your personal brand. What you say and do online effects how people perceive you.
  • Social media should not be used to make disparaging or negative remarks about competitors, officials, volunteers, event organisers, promoters or MSA
    There can be serious consequences for misuse of social media. If you have an issue that needs resolving, there are appropriate channels to do this through. Start by making contact with MSA head office.
  • Never post photos or comments about a motorsport incident
    It is vitally important that we all respect the privacy of individuals involved in accidents or incidents, whether on or off the track. As such, refrain from posting photos, comments or information on social media or other online forums about an accident or incident. Remember the first point above: Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
  • Use social media as a tool to promote and encourage the development of our sport
    Social media, correctly and responsibly used for positive objectives, is an amazing platform. Use it to promote events, club activities and membership. Use it to spread the word about our great sport and keep it positive.

Officials are bound to observe the provisions of this code of conduct as if it formed part of the regulations. Officials may be required when applying for any form of accreditation or any official licence to sign an acknowledgement that they will observe the provisions of this code of conduct.