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This will be the best option for those looking to go wheel to wheel racing but not wanting to pay the costs that we see in car racing.
We aren’t talking about your normal electric indoor karting here either.  The real outdoor racing go karts are crazy machines that reach great speeds and when you are only a few centimetres off the ground it feels extremely fast.

If you go ask any pro driver where they started or where they had the most fun racing the answer will be almost unanimous, go karts.  For any kids looking to one day become a pro racing car driver this is where you HAVE to start, but it’s not only for the kids. If you have always dreamed of becoming a pro and you are an adult that can now afford to pay to live out your dream there are lots of competitive classes in karting for you as well!

Once again it is easy to end up spending way too much money in karting (this is a theme for this sport) what we recommend doing is looking for a local  Rok or Rotax class.

Where Do I Find Go Kart Races Near me?
Just going to the local go kart track is exactly how many started and we can not recommend this option enough! A calendar of events are available on the Motorsport SA website.

How Much Does Go Karting Cost?
Once again the costs can seriously vary here.  For adults we recommend you go to your local track and talk to teams.  You can find decently priced used karts for sale through your local karting representative in each Province. You will be buying fuel, tires and parts.   Some drivers can get by with one set of tires for a very long time, and some buy a new set every weekend. Remember focus on spending more money for more track time and not on going fast initially!

What equipment do I need?
For Go Karting you will need a Kart that complies with the regulations.  For further guidance and advice about the technical aspects of Go Karting, including your kit and kart click on the following link below and download the National Sporting Karting Regulations.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

For more information, please get in contact with our Karting Co-Ordinator Allison Vogelsang on