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Trademore Group, reaches new heights as details on the venues for the upcoming rounds are unveiled. This premier series, a jewel in the crown of Motorsport South Africa (MSA), has carefully curated an impressive racing calendar that not only challenges the competitors but also brings the excitement of offroad racing to diverse landscapes across the country.

Under the visionary guidance of the Offroad Motorcycles Commission, chaired by Kyle Enslin and Deanne Beallington, this year’s series is refreshed with 5 new venues across a six-round championship, promising a thrilling adventure for riders and fans alike. The journey begins at the stunning Rocky Bay Resort in Park Rynie, KZN, where riders will navigate through sugar cane fields, forest outskirts, and tight, twisty trails.

The adventure continues with Round 2 in Fochville, Johannesburg, scheduled for 13 April. This round promises to add another layer of intensity to the championship with its unique challenges and terrain. Following closely, Round 3 takes place in Johannesburg with the venue yet to be announced (TBA), adding an element of suspense on 25 May.

The series then heats up with a double-header in Upington on 9 and 10 August, marking a pivotal moment in the championship. This two-day event is set to test the endurance and skill of the riders, offering back-to-back races that could be decisive in the championship standings.

The season finale will bring the series to a close in Bloemfontein on 14 September, where champions will be crowned amidst the backdrop of this iconic South African city. This final round is expected to be a dramatic conclusion to a series filled with high-speed action, strategic racing, and the indomitable spirit of cross-country competitors.

a thrilling update to the South African national cross country series, proudly sponsored by the Trademore Group, the series is set to welcome racers with a range of new and exciting opportunities tailored to suit every level of competition and participation. Among the most significant changes this season is the merging of the OR1 and OR2 classes into a singular OPEN class. This strategic move is designed to elevate the competition by allowing the finest riders in the country to compete on the motorcycles of their choosing, setting the stage to crown South Africa’s ultimate offroad champion. This new OPEN class promises to showcase an unparalleled display of talent and skill, as competitors are no longer restricted by class specifications, offering a broader and more inclusive battlefield.

The OR3 class, known for its fiercely competitive spirit, will continue to be a staple of the series, remaining as the dedicated 250 four-stroke class. This category has consistently impressed with its high level of racing and will undoubtedly continue to be a highlight for riders and fans alike, emphasizing the skill and agility required to master these machines.

For those looking to experience the excitement of racing in a more relaxed and accessible format, the series happily retains the Social class. Priced at R450, which conveniently includes a day license fee payable to MSA, this class is perfect for riders seeking a less formal entry point into the world of cross-country racing. Participants in the Social class are required to provide proof of their own medical cover, ensuring safety and peace of mind while competing. This class offers the flexibility of on-the-day entry, making it an excellent choice for those making last-minute decisions to join the fun or for riders wanting to test their mettle without the commitment to a full series.

With these exciting changes, the South African national cross-country series reaffirms its commitment to promoting the sport of cross-country racing, encouraging participation across all levels, and providing a platform for showcasing the incredible talent and passion that defines the South African offroad racing community. Whether you’re aiming to prove yourself as the best in the country, enjoy the thrill of competition, or simply participate in a fun and social racing environment, this series has something for everyone. Gear up for a season of unforgettable racing, where champions are made, friendships are forged, and the spirit of offroad racing thrives.

Published by: Kyle Enslin

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