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Top-quality racing was on display at Round 6 of the Western Province Kart Championships, held at Killarney International Raceway on a rainy Saturday, September 16, 2023. It was a day filled with excitement and adrenaline, just as anticipated.

The weather turned out to be quite unpredictable. The track conditions were mainly dry, demanding skill from drivers in handling their karts with slick tires. However, occasional rain showers caught a few off guard, adding an extra layer of challenge to the races.

Throughout the day, fierce competition prevailed across all the WPMC Karting Classes. Drivers from various backgrounds and experience levels went head-to-head on the demanding Killarney track, creating an atmosphere filled with thrill and excitement.

Amidst the intense racing action, a few standout performances captured the crowd’s attention, including a notable crash in the final Senior Max Race. These moments added to the overall excitement and drama of another remarkable WPMC Karting event.

Competitors weren’t just racing for glory but also for valuable championship points. Every lap completed and every position secured contributed to their quest for victory in the 2023 WPMC Regional and Club title races.

Below, you will find highlights of all the heart-pounding action, outstanding performances, and how the drama unfolded throughout the day.

Bambino (5th – 9th birthday)
In the Bambino Class, a wet qualifying session presented a challenging start to the day. Championship leader Michael O’Mahoney showcased his skill in navigating the tricky conditions, securing pole position. O’Mahoney’s pole position advantage proved crucial in Race 1, as he clinched victory. He continued to demonstrate his prowess with second-place finishes in races 2 and 3, ultimately securing a narrow overall win.

However, it was rising star Yaqeen Gamieldien who made quite an impression. Gamieldien managed to claim victory in races 2 and 3, showcasing remarkable talent on the track. Despite a challenging start with a P5 finish in the first race, his strong performances in subsequent races earned him a well-deserved second place overall.

Radhi Harris continued to impress, securing a spot on the overall podium. Harris faced determined competition from a competitive field, including the likes of Carter Cedras, who secured a valuable 3rd place in the final race of the day. Other notable contenders included Caleb Lingeveldt and Slater Smith, who added to the intensity of the day.

Additionally, commendable performances were on display by Ebrahim Khalfey, Jake Steyn, and Jacques Lewis, who rounded off the results, contributing to the overall excitement of another cracking day of Bambino racing at Killarney.

Micro MAX (7th – 11th birthday)
Rotax Micro Max kicked off with tension in the air as the track dried just before qualifying. In a last-minute decision, a few drivers switched to slick tires, and it turned out to be a smart move. Liam Wharton made a compelling case for the tire choice as he secured a dominant pole position.

Wharton’s advantage from pole position was evident in Race 1, where he went on to claim victory. However, Michael O’Mahoney had other plans, as he secured wins in races 2 and 3, ultimately clinching the overall victory for the day. It was a closely contested battle between these two talented drivers.

Rookie Jayden van der Merwe also made a strong showing, securing a commendable 3rd place overall as he was within reach of the front two all day long. Zac Hindley secured a respectable fourth place, followed by Kiyaan Reddi, who had one of his best performances in the saddle. Ruan Lewis rounded off the top 6, with Carter Cedras, Ashaan Reddi, and lady racer Mia Hermanus not far behind, showcasing their skills on the day.

In addition to the day’s standard races, the Micro Maxers had an extra race to make up for a missed heat from earlier in the season. The excitement continued there, with Wharton leading O’Mahoney and van der Merwe across the finish line, with just half a second separating them.
These youngsters provided thrilling races and impressive performances, keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats throughout the day.

Mini Rok (8th – 13th birthday)
The Mini Rok spotlight was firmly on Championship leader Sebastiano Human. He asserted his dominance by securing pole position and went on to clinch three victories throughout the day, ultimately taking the top spot on the podium.

While Human led the way, Max Boshoff and Logan Roehrig were in hot pursuit, making for some intense wheel-to-wheel racing. Boshoff secured two second-places and a third, narrowly outperforming Roehrig, who notched two third-place finishes and a second in the final race, ensuring their places on the overall podium.

Ruhan Victor put on an impressive performance, claiming fourth position, followed by Zac Boshoff and Max Denisov. Ethan Azar and Onwabile Mcinga rounded off the Mini Rok results, contributing to the excitement and competitiveness of the class.

Sebastiano Human’s commanding performance made it a memorable day for him as he extended his Championship lead, but the close battles behind him added to the thrill for sure.

Mini MAX (9th – 13th birthday)
Rotax Mini Max has brought some intense sibling rivalry to the forefront of late. Keagan Beaumont had been dominating, but on Saturday, his younger brother Aiden made a significant impact. Aiden claimed pole position by a thin margin of just 27 hundredths of a second, setting the stage for a thrilling day’s racing.

In Race 1, Aiden secured a commendable 2nd place, having put his pole position start to good use before engaging in a titanic battle with his brother for the win, which came down to the final lap. Keagan, determined to maintain his season-long success, then went on to win race 2. These victories were enough to secure him the overall win for the day.

Michael Danks put on a strong performance, earning a well-deserved 2nd place overall. Meanwhile, Franco Bensch may have missed out on the overall podium, but his standout performance in race 3, where he secured a win, added a layer of excitement to the competition and marked the first time Keagan Beaumont had been edged out to the checkered flag in a while.

Nicolas Lennox also had his moment of glory with a solid 3rd place finish in race 1, earning him the 5th place overall for the day. Matthew Roach, Aleksandar Praizovic, and Zach McAuley rounded off the Mini Max results, as they continue to climb the ranks.
Mini Max provided a day of thrilling racing throughout and a shake-up for good measure. Aiden Beaumont’s pole position, Keagan Beaumont’s continued excellence and Franco Bensch’s maiden race win made it a memorable day of competition.

Junior MAX (12th – 14th birthday)
Junior Max delivered an intense battle among three standout racers: Keagan Beaumont, Jordon Wadeley and William Marshall. These young talents showcased incredible skill and determination, which made for some incredibly close racing throughout the day.

The morning started with William Marshall securing pole position, setting the stage for an exciting three heats of racing. However, Jordon Wadeley responded emphatically, claiming victory in Race 1. Keagan Beaumont wasn’t to be outdone, as he clinched the win in Race 2 before Marshall fought back and crossed the finish line first in Race 3. With not much to separate the three young speedsters on track, and even less in terms of overall points for the day, the spoils went to Beaumont earning him his maiden Junior Max overall win followed by Race 1 winner Wadeley and Marshall in third.

Ethan Deacon emerged as the best of the rest, securing a commendable 4th place overall. James Nash and Matthew Chiwara also put on impressive performances, with Chiwara making a notable comeback after a significant accident earlier in the year. Cole Hewetson and Anwill April completed the Junior Max results, as they added to the excitement and competitiveness of the day’s racing.

As expected, Junior Max showcased the remarkable skills of these young racers, with Keagan Beaumont ultimately emerging as the day’s top performer. The close battles between Beaumont, Wadeley and Marshall and the epic battles out on track for the non-podium positions made it a memorable day for all involved.

Senior MAX (14th birthday +)
In Rotax Senior Max, Tate Bishop made a triumphant return to the winner’s circle with a stellar performance that included securing pole position and winning all three races. However, his victory was anything but easy, as he had to rely on his wealth of experience to outperform the talented competition.

The morning qualifying session set the tone for a fiercely competitive day, with lap times unbelievably close. Less than a tenth of a second separated the top 4 drivers, highlighting the high level of skill and incredible parity in the top chain-driven category.

Matthew Wadeley maintained his composure and delivered a strong performance, earning himself a respectable second place overall for the day. Notably, Oliver Roach showcased his skills but experienced an unfortunate incident in Race 3, which led to a red flag. We extend our best wishes to him and Storm Lanfear for a speedy recovery.

Ethan Stier and Julius Schwager were right in the mix at the sharp end of the competition and narrowly missed out on a podium finish, as did Zac Laden. Lanfear’s challenging day, with a crash in Race 3 and a DNF in Race 1, resulted in a 6th-place finish for the day. Gabriele Gazzilli continued to show improvement and rounded off the Senior Max results.

Tate Bishop’s commanding performance and the intense competition throughout the field made for an exciting day in Rotax Senior Max. The close battles and talent on display were something to behold.

DD2 (15th birthday +) and DD2 Masters (32nd birthday +)
In DD2, the fierce battle among Cape Town’s top talents resumed, with the notable absence of Joseph Oelz. However, Jason Coetzee and Sebastian Boyd stepped up to the plate and delivered a masterclass of high-speed, closely contested racing.

Coetzee made a strategic move by opting for slick tires during qualifying, a gamble that paid off handsomely as he secured an easy pole position. The rest of the grid had chosen their Mojo Wet weather tires. Coetzee’s advantage carried into Race 1, where he took the victory, with Boyd fighting through to finish a close second on the road.

Boyd, determined and relentless, bounced back with a win in Race 2, setting the stage for an intense showdown. In the final race of the day, Coetzee once again showed his skill and experience, securing the win and narrowly clinching the overall victory for the day, with Boyd in a close second place.

Another standout performance from Jaden Jacobs earned him a well-deserved spot on the podium, beating out the talents of Reza Levy and Rafe Tayler to claim the final step.

Additionally, like the Rotax Micro Max class, DD2 and DD2 Masters also completed a missed heat from earlier in the season. Coetzee continued to impress, winning by the narrowest of margins over Boyd, with Levy showing his prowess right on their heels in third.

Another thrilling display of racing skill and competitiveness was witnessed in DD2, with Coetzee ultimately emerging as the day’s top performer, closely followed by some very talented competition.

DD2 Masters brought forth its own level of intensity and competition. Conor Hughes had to overcome a challenging start, with a tough qualifying session and an eventful race 1 that saw one of his wheels come flying off in spectacular fashion. However, he bounced back in impressive fashion, securing wins in races 2 and 3.

Jared Jordan, on the other hand, claimed victory in race 1, setting up a tight battle for the overall win. In the end, Hughes and Jordan tied on points for the day, but a quicker lap from Hughes on the day gave him the edge and secured him the overall victory, leaving Jordan in a well-deserved second place overall.

Michael Jordan consistently demonstrated great pace throughout the day, ultimately earning him the final step on the podium. Robert Peche showcased his intent with a third-place finish in race 1, securing him fourth place overall. Andrew Thomas and Niel Lambrechts followed behind, with Lambrechts making a strategy masterstroke by claiming his maiden pole in the class during qualifying, much like Coetzee’s earlier tire gamble.

In the fourth and non-overall scoring race of the day, Conor Hughes dominated with a comfortable win over Jared Jordan, while Robert Peche continued to impress with a strong third place.

DD2 Masters delivered a day filled with excitement and skilful driving, with Hughes emerging on top after a remarkable comeback. The competition among these experienced racers was nothing short of a joy to watch.

In the WP Clubmans Class, Luca Wehrli set the pace in the morning by securing pole position with a staggering advantage of almost 5 seconds. He carried this momentum into Race 1, where he claimed victory, followed closely by the impressive Christopher Flack and PJ Garbutt.

Race 2 brought about a shake-up, as a sprinkle of rain made the circuit slippery, leading to a few karts veering off the track. In this challenging condition, PJ Garbutt’s extensive experience came to the forefront. Using his past experience in KZN where Clubmans drivers are allowed only slick tires, Garbutt demonstrated remarkable skill, holding his kart together to secure an incredible maiden win on the road. Declan O’Connor also put in an excellent performance, earning his best race result to date, with Christopher Flack not far behind.

Race 3 saw a return to the previous status quo as Luca Wehrli regained his winning form, with Flack closely trailing behind with rain once again playing a role in the race seeing Lady racer Jade Lanfear secure a commendable third place.

In a day filled with drama and intense competition from front to back, Luca Wehrli emerged as the overall winner in the Gold Class, followed by Christopher Flack and Sean Le Riche. PJ Garbutt claimed the top spot in the Silver Class, with Jade Smith and Declan O’Connor rounding off the podium.
The WP Clubmans Class provided an eventful day of racing that kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout.

The 2023 Western Province Kart Championships delivered another epic day of racing that will be etched in the memories of all. From unpredictable weather conditions to fierce battles on the track, this day showcased the very best in karting competition.

Fans witnessed the exceptional talent and determination of Cape Town’s best karting talent where the relentless pursuit of victory made each class a captivating spectacle.

What will the next chapter in Cape Karting Excellence serve up? The 2023 Western Province Kart Championships resumes on 28 October and if you want to find out for yourself, make a turn and come and support your local kart racing legends.

Issued on behalf of Western Province Motor Club (WPMC)

Photography by: Motorsport Fanatix

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