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Motorsport South Africa (MSA) congratulates all of the South African riders who participated in the 55th Roof of Africa in Lesotho. Over 400 South African Riders showed their passion and dedication in this grueling event.

Massive congratulations to Wade Young, who won his eighth Roof victory, and Matthew Green and Brett Swanepoel, who finished second and third respectively. We also salute the Team Tork Craft father and son duo, Ryan and Reece Hunt. A special congratulations to the Binder Brothers. Brad Binder, known for his exceptional skills on the MotoGP circuit made history by completing his debut Enduro race crossing the finish line alongside his brother Darryn after a gruelling 17 hours on the bike. And this in spite of only having a mere two hours of Enduro riding experience under his belt before the event. We completely agree with KTM when they say Binder exhibited unmatched determination and adaptability throughout the Roof of Africa. His riding technique underwent a remarkable transformation, showcasing the true mark of a champion.

Well done to all the winners and finishers. You have earned the 2023 Roof of Africa finisher’s badge!

Compiled on behalf of Motorsport SA by Cathy Findley PR

Picture Caption: Wade clinches 8th title

Photography by: Motul SA