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The latest chapter of Andrew Rackstraw’s racing journey unfolded this past weekend as he tackled Round 3 of the Southern African Endurance Series at the Aldo Scribante circuit.
Competing alongside his co-driver Craig Jarvis, Rackstraw took the wheel of the formidable Ginetta G57-Chev, aiming to conquer the challenging track and secure a strong result.

The Aldo Scribante circuit proved to be both a test of skill and a showcase of teamwork as Rackstraw and Jarvis navigated the demanding course through some tricky traffic. The weekend started on a promising note, with the car performing flawlessly during Friday’s sessions. The team’s meticulous preparation paid off, and important setup changes were made to ensure peak performance for the races ahead.

Saturday morning’s qualifying session proved to be a highlight of the weekend. Rackstraw and the Ginetta G57-Chev put on a remarkable display of speed and precision, setting a new unofficial lap record with a blistering time of 55.289. The achievement highlighted the potential of the car and the skill of Rackstraw as he pushed the limits to secure a favourable starting position.

The enthusiasm was palpable as the stage was set for the race. With the car’s impressive performance and a strong qualifying result, expectations were high for a competitive showing in the endurance race.

Rackstraw looked unfazed as he got the race underway with a whole hoard of GT3 cars breathing down his neck. It was the perfect start as he held off the pressure and pushed on into the lead. By lap 4 of the race, the front runners were already encountering lapped traffic. However, the Ginetta G57-Chev showcased its speed and handling, holding its own on the track as Rackstarw led the pack until an early safety car came out.

On the restart, the chasing Lamborghini got past the Ginetta and it was clear something was amiss. Motorsport is often an unpredictable arena, and challenges can arise unexpectedly. As was the case with the Ginetta, it was losing engine power. Rackstraw tried his best from inside the cockpit to do what he could but unfortunately just an hour into the race, a fuel system issue emerged which caused the earlier loss of engine power. The team tried to rectify the issue with the car sitting in the garage for some time before going out again. There was no luck though and eventually, the decision was made to retire the car from the race.

The disappointment of a premature retirement was evident, but Rackstraw remained philosophical about the experience. “Racing is full of highs and lows, and this weekend was a testament to that,” he said. “We had moments of great success and potential, but unfortunately, technical issues are an inherent part of the sport. Despite the setback, we take away the positives and look ahead.”

Rackstraw’s ability to find the silver lining amidst adversity is a hallmark of his character as a driver. While the outcome wasn’t what he had hoped for, the weekend showcased his skill, determination, and the potential of the Ginetta G57-Chev.

“The Ginetta G57-Chev is a remarkable machine, and we proved its capabilities on the track,” Rackstraw emphasized. “It’s a testament to the team’s hard work and dedication that we were able to set a new lap record during qualifying. We’ll learn from the challenges we faced and come back stronger in the future.”

The Southern African Endurance Series at the Aldo Scribante circuit was another chapter in Rackstraw’s racing journey, one marked by both triumphs and setbacks. As he reflects on the weekend, Rackstraw remains grateful for the support of his team, sponsors, and fellow competitors.

“Racing is a team effort, and I’m fortunate to have incredible partners and sponsors,” Rackstraw acknowledged. “Their support is invaluable, and it’s what keeps us moving forward, no matter the challenges we encounter.”

Looking ahead, Rackstraw’s resilience and determination remain unwavering. The experiences and lessons from Round 3 of the Southern African Endurance Series will fuel his pursuit of excellence in future races. With his eyes firmly set on the road ahead, Rackstraw is ready to tackle whatever obstacles may come his way, embracing both the triumphs and the challenges that define the world of motorsport.

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