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Gearing up for the SECOND ROUND of the MSA | ROK CUP NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS today, eleven-year-old Nagura bolstered onto the track – looking focused and headstrong.

Friday welcomed all the athletes with a smile until their fiery spirits turned the track into a gauntlet of hungry drivers all looking for that competitive edge.

Having spent the better part of the morning curbing the competition in the practice sessions, Nagura blasted into QUALI with an eleventh-place finish, securing his spot just in front of teammate Aaron Mason.

Saturday, albeit grey in essence, could not dampen NAGURA’s spirit as he made his way onto the track with his RPM band of brothers, a winning smile and a supreme burst of confidence in his stride.

Round One of the Nationals broke the race barrier for this young man, setting some good pace on the notoriously manic straights, Nagura endured and drove himself into a sublime thirteenth place.

With the competition on stilts, NAGURA tried to hone in on all his strengths in Round Two and maneuvered his LANDO round the track with an air of spectacular vengeance which, ultimately, cost him – seeing him finish nineteenth overall.

Never to be dismissed, Nagura rolled with the pain of the previous two rounds and made a glaringly bold comeback in Round Three. Hanging on to Masons slipstream, Aashay ebbed and flowed round the track only to be forcibly knocked off, leaving him stranded in twentieth place amid the Mini Rok war.

The sun set on the track, bringing with it mixed emotions and a chilly end to Round Two of the ROK CUP NATIONALS. Walking away with an eighteenth place overall, Nagura vowed to come back stronger and more diligent in his driving.

Published by: Deborah Leigh Jovanovic

Photography by: Zeppelin Media

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