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The 2023 TRACN4 National Rally in Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, was a resounding triumph, thanks to ideal weather conditions, demanding stages, and outstanding driving.

Since 2020, the TRACN4 Rally has been the ultimate stage of the National Rally Championship, solidifying its position as a top-tier motorsport spectacle in the country. Taking place in the town of Dullstroom, located in the Emakhazeni region, the event is widely recognised for its treacherous terrain and unpredictable weather conditions, both of which contribute to the thrilling atmosphere that surrounds this competition.

Being the final leg of the National and Northern Regions’ Regional Rally Championships, all 29 competitors went all out during the two-day competition, with J.J Potgieter and Tommy Du Toit in their Hyundai i20 proving the best of the best and walking away with 2023 national title with a total of 353 for the year.
Second overall with 271 were Chris Coertse and Greg Godrich in a Mazda 2. Gustav Potgieter finished in third overall in the driver’s standings and Barry White finished as the third best co-driver.

In the NRC2 championships, Gustav Potgieter took the overall driver accolades and Barry White took top honours as co-driver. The second-best driver in this class was Benjamin Habig with Armand du Toit as the second-best co-driver. Third place went to George Smalberger in his 1600 Volkswagen Polo R2.

The final National and Northern regions’ regional results for 2023, following Rounds 10 and 5, which made up the 2023 TRACN4 National Rally, are as follows:

National Champions (Overall Driver and Co-Driver)
1 – JJ Potgieter and Tommy Du Toit (R4 Hyundai)
2 – Chris Coertse and Greg Godrich (Mazda2 Rally2 Kit R4)
3 – Gustav Potgieter and Barry White

Regional Champions (Drivers Overall)
1 – Diederick Pallas (Tazz 20V 1600cc)
2 – Anton Raaths (Ford Escort Cosworth 4wd Turbo)
3 – Johann Fourie (Celica GT-4 2000cc)

Regional Champions (Co-Drivers Overall)
1 –Mari Ducasse (Ford Escort Cosworth 4wd Turbo)
2 –Natasha Fourie-Kotze (Celica GT-4 2000cc)
3 –Willem Morgan (Conquest 1600cc)

NRC1 Drivers
1 – JJ Potgieter
2 – Chris Coertse
3 – Mandla Mdikane

NRC1 Co-Drivers
1 – Tommy Du Toit
2 – Greg Godrich
3 – Kes Naidoo

NRC2 Drivers
1 – Gustav Potgieter
2 – Benjamin Habig
3 – George Smallberger

NRC2 Co-Drivers
1 – Barry White
2 – Armand Du Toit
3 – Shaun Visser

NRC 4 Drivers
1 – Bruce Swatton
2 – Russel Stone

NRC 4 Co-drivers
1 – Caro Storm

1 – Anton Raaths
2 – Johann Fourie
3 – Stuart Stirling

1 – Mari Ducasse
2 – Natasha Fourie Kotze
3 –Robin Knighton

1 – Russel Stone
2 – Andrea Raaths Duarte

1 – Isabel Raaths
2 – Bruce Swatton

1 – Diederick Pallas
2 – Hennie Mostert

1 –Willem Morgan

Additional results for the 2023 TRACN4 National Rally can be found HERE.

The success of the event was praised by TRAC’s CEO Alex van Niekerk, who attributed it to the impressive driving, sportsmanship, and camaraderie displayed by all competitors. He expressed TRAC’s pride in being associated with the National Rally Championships and hosting a motorsport competition of such high quality. In addition to giving back to the world of motorsport, the event also served to strengthen the communities of Emakhazeni.

The rally provides a significant economic boost to the area, while supporting the Dullstroom Epilepsy Centre, one of TRAC’s primary corporate social investment. Since 2020, the event has had a tremendous impact on the facility, and all profits from the past four rallies have been directed towards enhancing and renovating it.

Van Niekerk praised all the competitors and extended a special congratulations to the overall winners and top achievers, acknowledging their remarkable talent and skill which were truly a pleasure to witness.

For a visual round-up of the 2023 TRACN4 Rally of South Africa, follow #TRACN4 on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, click HERE to go to TRAC’s YouTube channel or visit the rally page on the TRAC website –

Published by: Solange Soares

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