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The mother city awaited the action as the bikes rolled in Friday afternoon, the eve of 1st April proved to be no joke. Round 2 and 3 consecutively was set to separate the men from the boys and the daisies from the roses.

Scrutineering started and the line grew as anxious riders and mechanics queued to have their machines checked for compliance. You could hear the distant sound, as they arrived, of bikes being revved out among the trees and as it grew later on Friday the sombre mood turned to the final checks for best performance.

Dawn broke through the silhouette of the neighbouring hills and the call for riders briefing increased the anxiety. The weatherman knew this was no ordinary weekend and gave us the most splendid weather a rider could wish for. The track was prepped like wedding cake precision as the MX 50cc champions lined up in order of the national ranking to take their place in what was crowned the mother of all race weekends.

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Published by: MSA MX Commission

Photography by: Brodalka Photography

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