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Fresh off his travels to Spain for the second round of the Champions of the Future Academy Series, Mason hopped planes straight to Vereeniging to start testing for the ROK CUP SA NATIONALS, held at Vereeniging Kart Circuit on Saturday.

With the ultra-competitive MINI ROK weekend looming, Mason went full stride in the practice sessions on Friday with some solid driving and some even more impressive lap times.
With the beauty of the day at its peak, Saturday morning opened a world of racing possibility for every competitor walking into VKC for the start of RACE DAY – suns out, guns out – as they say.

With a shake and a shuffle, the karts were ready for war and wonder as Mason entered the gauntlet of Parc Fermé. Gunning for his time in the sun, Mason dueled with Boshoff and Blignaut until an unfortunate incident with a back marker saw him crash and fall back from the pack. Impressively, Mason moved mountains to chase the leaders again – finishing fourth overall for Heat One.

Heat Two saw Mason struggle, unable to maneuver himself into a prime position for attack on the two leaders, settling for Third Place.

Having had the time to gather himself and reset, Aaron made a blazing come back in the final heat as the crowd watched him defend his lead with almighty strength and determination. Throwing his fist into the air, Mason took a well-deserved First Place finish ahead of ROK rivals Blignaut and Boshoff.

A great end to a shaky day as Mason climbed on the podium to hold the Third Place trophy high with a tired but elated smile from the RPM Driver.

Published by: Deborah Jovanovic – Zeppelin Media

Photography by: Motorsport Fanatix

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