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The Board of Motorsport South Africa (MSA) announced today the forthcoming departure of its Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Scholtz, toward the end of 2024 as he will have reached the end of his term-limited contract with the company. In a strategic move to ensure continuity and expertise within the organisation, Vic Maharaj, currently serving as MSA’s Sporting Services Manager, has been appointed as CEO and will also join the MSA Board.

Anton Roux, Chairman of MSA, expressed gratitude to Scholtz on behalf of the Board and the motorsport community for his dedication and significant contributions during his tenure. He emphasised Scholtz’s passion and the invaluable impact he has had on MSA over the years.

Maharaj, who has been with MSA since 2019, brings a wealth of experience to his new role. A graduate of the University of KwaZulu Natal with a degree in mechanical engineering, Maharaj’s extensive background in motorsport, including managerial roles in both South Africa and Europe, positions him well for the challenges of leading MSA. Additionally, his involvement in regulatory aspects of motorsport further strengthens his suitability for the CEO position.

Highlighting Maharaj’s international recognition, Roux mentioned his recent appointments by the FIA to the International Karting Commission, FIA Sport Member Club Committee and the International Cross Country Commission. These appointments underscore Maharaj’s significant contributions to the field.

In response to the evolving landscape of motorsport, MSA has made strategic changes to its leadership team. Samantha van Reenen, with a background in law and sports management, has been appointed as the new Sporting Services Manager for four-wheeled motorsport. Van Reenen’s legal expertise will be instrumental in navigating the complexities of the sport’s General Competition Rules (GCRs) and overseeing legal and communication aspects within MSA’s operations.

Furthermore, Carmen-Lee Hill, with 17 years of experience at MSA, has been promoted to Sporting Services Manager for two-wheeled motorsport. Hill’s extensive tenure and expertise as one of MSA’s Sporting Coordinators make her well-suited for this role.

In conclusion, Roux thanked Adrian Scholtz for his leadership and congratulated Maharaj, Van Reenen and Hill on their appointments, expressing confidence in their ability to drive MSA forward and solidify its position as the only official National Federation for South African motorsport.