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JB Pretorius (72) and his BMW 2002 (27) became an institution at the Killarney International Raceway that will never be forgotten. It was never a necessity to know his real names as JB or JayBee became his universal callsign and thanks to his love of anything motorsport he had a wealth of photographs and autographs which he gladly shared with anyone taking a similar interest in the extremely rich history of South African motorsport.

Good days and bad days was simply another day to be thankful for and Johan Bernardus Pretorius set the bar extremely high when it came to perseverance. His irrepressible passion for the Bejo Trustees Fine Cars was evident in every message and he drove every race with every driver.

Thankfully the condition of our bodies do not limit the potential of our spirit. Any BMW 2002 will always bring fond memories of JayBee Pretorius and every Bejo Trustees Fine Cars Race will serve as monument to his incredible will to succeed and survive.
Killarney International Raceway is now a confirmed Blue Plague Cape Town Heritage site and the image of Leeukop in the background represents the pride that JayBee took in racing at this circuit, winning a championship at the circuit and building a championship at this circuit. Truly one of a kind!

Until we meet again JayBee

Published by: Patrick Vermaak

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