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Husqvarna South Africa is beyond thrilled to announce our electrifying new docuseries, “Shifting Boundaries”. This ground-breaking series is set to captivate audiences as it promotes both the sport and the brand, offering an exclusive look at Husqvarna South Africa’s racing team journey through the trials and triumphs of the 2023 racing season.

“Shifting Boundaries” is not just another docuseries; it’s an exhilarating ride into the heart of motorsport. This gripping series showcases the relentless spirit of the Husqvarna racing team as they push their limits in the 2023 racing season. From the track to the team’s inner sanctum, viewers will experience every twist and turn, every victory and setback in vigorous detail.

Husqvarna has a rich heritage in motorsport, and ‘Shifting Boundaries’ is a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility. This docuseries not only celebrates the sport of racing but also provides an intimate glimpse into the resilience, dedication, and camaraderie that define our racing team.

Beyond the engine roar and checkered flags, this docuseries delves into the personal stories, challenges, and sacrifices of the Husqvarna athletes as they chase victory.

“At Husqvarna, we’ve always been pioneers, and ‘Shifting Boundaries’ is a reflection of our passion for motorsport and our relentless pursuit of excellence,” said Grant Frerichs, Group Manager. “This docuseries embodies the spirit of Husqvarna and the dedication of our athletes as they push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Prepare to be captivated by the world of motorcycle racing like never before. Stay tuned for the release of the first episode which will air on the 27th of September, followed with biweekly episodes thereafter. We invite you to be immersed in our all-new ‘Shifting Boundaries’ trailer which is now live on YouTube or click on the link below –

Published by: Grant Frerichs

Photography by: Sage Lee Voges – ZCMC Media

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