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Dear MSA Competitors and Officials,

As the governing body for all Motorsport activities in South Africa, MSA is committed to upholding the World Anti-Doping rules and regulations to maintain the integrity of motorsport as a clean and drug-free sport.

Over time, we’ve observed instances where competitors unknowingly use prohibited medication, often assuming that if prescribed by a doctor, it must be permissible. Regrettably, this is not always the case.

We strongly encourage competitors taking any medication to verify its status by checking the SAIDS (South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport) website through this link: Should a competitor discover the use of a prohibited substance, we welcome them to contact MSA directly for further assistance.

MSA’s primary concern regarding prohibited medication extends to competitors participating in international events. According to SAIDS requirements, international competitors must apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) through SAIDS at least 2 months before their first event. However, the TUE approval process is lengthy, involving a panel of medical experts. Only upon receipt of an approved TUE can we proceed with approving and processing the international license.

For competitors participating in local MSA events and using prohibited medication, retroactive application for a TUE is necessary. Detailed information on TUEs is available on the SAIDS website at

It is crucial that all MSA competitors are well-informed about anti-doping rules and requirements. Competitors bear sole responsibility for any substances, whether prescription or non-prescription, they may be taking.

MSA strongly recommends that all competitors and officials familiarize themselves with doping matters by visiting the SAIDS and WADA websites.

Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring a fair and drug-free environment for motorsport in South Africa.

Further to the above, the ITA (International Testing Agency) has a TUE Assistant tool on their website for competitors competing in FIA events. This tool is a guide to understanding the requirements of applying for a TUE. You are also welcome to visit the following link for further details –

Issued on behalf of Rashaad Monteiro – MSA Medical Coordinator