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After a brief sojourn Evan Hutchison returns to the SA Rally-Raid Championship as Race Director having served as Route Director during the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

“Motorsport has a habit of attracting multi-talented people and, in this respect, Evan ticks all the boxes,” said former Special Vehicle champion and SA Rally-Raid Chief Executive Officer Archie Rutherford. “Although Evan was not lost to the sport, his return to the Championships management team is a major plus.”

As a driver and team manager in the national cross country championship the dedicated Hutchison earned an impeccable record of seven national titles in the Class A and Special Vehicle Category, and to demonstrate his versatility, he added a National Rally title to his name along the way.

“I am passionate about motorsport, and very excited at the opportunity to put something back into the sport that has given me so much. Being surrounded by other like-minded individuals who manage the sport on a day to day basis, and the dedicated core group of officials who ensure the smooth running of events is extremely satisfying” said newly appointed Race Director Evan Hutchison.

Evan’s duties encompass a wide spectrum of responsibilities, all aimed at keeping the well established SA Rally-Raid Championship at the pinnacle of South African Motorsport. Taking cognizance of the ever evolving technological advances, improving relationships with stakeholders, partners and potential investors, and ensuring the monitoring tools in place are of the highest standard is critical in any business.

Motorsport is a multi-billion dollar industry and contributes significantly towards economies, research and development and community enrichment, employing millions of skilled people worldwide, with South African vehicle manufacturers, competitors and technical crews showcasing their global competitiveness at the world’s toughest motorsport event, the Dakar Rally.

“The SA Rally-Raid Championship is focused on taking the sport to new levels and to continue to build on the success,” said Archie Rutherford.

The 2024 SA Rally-Raid Championship, comprising seven rounds, gets underway on 19 and 20 April in Mpumalanga with the Nkomazi 400.

Published by: SA National Cross Country Series – Charmaine Fortune

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