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Husqvarna Racing, a leading force in off-road motorcycle racing, took part in the 55th edition of the Roof of Africa, an iconic event known for its challenging terrain and demanding conditions. The Mother of Hard Enduro did not disappoint this year and faced the riders with extreme temperatures exceeding 35 degrees in the heat of the day.

Travis Teasdale, astride his powerful TE300, had high hopes after an outstanding racing season. Having secured a podium finish at the Roof of Africa in the previous year, Teasdale was poised to cap off his year with another stellar performance. However, the unpredictable nature of extreme sports unfolded, as the scorching conditions took a toll on his physical well-being. Teasdale was forced to make the tough decision to withdraw from the event on the final day, riding alongside the lead group of competitors after collapsing on two separate occasions.

Teasdale, reflecting on the challenges faced, stated, “Competing at the Roof of Africa is always a test of both skill and endurance. Unfortunately, the extreme heat pushed me to my limits, and the safety of my health had to take precedence. I’ll be back stronger, and I’m grateful for the support from Husqvarna Racing and our sponsors.”

In the Bronze class, Darryn Binder, joining his brother Brad, showcased his versatility and determination. Riding the TE300 for the first time in an enduro event, Binder faced a steep learning curve. Undeterred, he embraced the challenge, completing a grueling 17 hours on the bike over the course of two days. Binder’s impressive performance underscored his athleticism and adaptability, earning respect within the racing community.

Team manager Grant Frerichs commented, “The Roof of Africa is a true test of character, and our riders faced adversity head-on. Travis made a tough but commendable decision prioritizing his health, and although we are upset that we weren’t able to challenge for a podium spot we will do everything in our power to get ready for 2024 and come back to Lesotho fitter and stronger.

Husqvarna Racing looks ahead to future challenges, building on the experiences gained at the 55th Roof of Africa. The team remains committed to pushing the boundaries of off-road racing while promoting its partners and sponsors.

Published by: Grant Frerichs

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