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What Habot Lubricants Pabar VW Challenge Update
Where Johannesburg
When Monday 4 December 2023
Community South Africa National

Habot Performance Lubricants continues with Pabar VW Challenge

Ever since Habot Performance Lubricants became the oils partner to the Pabar VW Challenge, Habot marketing manager Adam Williamson was a touch concerned. But all that changed after the lubes man attended the Pabar VW Challenge prize giving at the Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club Johannesburg last week.

“To be honest, I was a little alarmed that we’d had so little feedback how the Pabar VW Challenge competitors felt about using our special synthetic performance lubricants,” Adam quipped. “But it seems there was no reason at all to worry, and that it was merely a classic case of no news is good news, as we discovered at that fabulous evening and dinner!

“Not only was Habot Performance Lubricants presented with a stunning appreciation award, which I proudly accepted on behalf of our wonderful team, but we also enjoyed many personal thanks and compliments from competitors. A large number of drivers and tuners raved how well our Volkswagen approved H-5W40 SP oil performed throughout the season.”

Over seventy drivers competed in the Pabar VW Challenge through 2023 and the feedback on the oils was brilliant. Many in fact reported improvements and advantages since the Pabar VW Challenge switched to Habot Performance Lubricants. Drivers and teams also enjoyed displaying Habot decals under their cars’ bonnets, and on the rear fenders.

“We also presented all the oils left over from our sponsorship quantity to race teams who had the misfortune of engine failures during the year,” Williamson added. “Thankfully, to a man and woman, the recipients confirmed that none of the breakages had anything to do with the performance of our products. And all were delighted by the gesture!

“We were also asked if we are satisfied with our involvement. Habot Performance Lubricants is proud to confirm that we will continue as lubrication partners to the Pabar VW Challenge for 2024,” Adam Williamson concluded. “Habot Performance Lubricants looks forward to an exiting year oiling the Pabar VW Challenge into a new era in 2024.”

Pabar VW Challenge also has several innovations for 2024, including the introduction of Volkswagen 2-litre turbo engines to Class A for the first time. VW’s litre turbo triple is also eligible in Class B. The series will race eight times or more across the Northern Regions next year, with one away race at Killarney in Cape Town too.

Issued on behalf of Habot Performance Lubricants

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