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What HRSA Youngtimers Historic Tour Report
Where Red Star Raceway, Delmas
When Saturday 4 November
Community Gauteng Regional

Hot Group N battles recalled as maiden season signs off

The new Ben Morgenrood Group Historic Youngtimer series wrapped its maiden season up with some true ding dong battles the likes of the good old Group N days at the Red Star Raceway’s near Delmas on Saturday. Four Youngtimers lined up to do battle in the Historic Tour finale races, with debutant Stewart McLarty’s Mazda Etude a welcome new addition to the growing field.

Qualifying delivered a mixed up grid as Jonathan Visser’s Volkswagen Jetta demoted regular frontrunner and Group N veteran Mike O’Sullivan’s Mosport Honda Ballade to second. McLarty’s Mazda impressed to qualify third as Stewart made it 50 unbroken years of racing a car on track on the trot. Rob Clark failed to set a time after Containerforce Honda Ballade, shed an oil pipe on his out lap, relegating him to the back of the grid.

O’Sullivan quickly hunted Visser down early in the first heat. They engaged in a fierce two-way battle before Mike finally took the position. Clark meanwhile had plenty to do, catching and passing the McLarty Mazda on the run down to turn 1. Clark then closed the gap to Visser, finally making his move out of turn 4 a lap or two anon, and then set about chasing down O’Sullivan.

Catching is of course easier than passing and the pair engaged in some typical Group N doorknob to doorknob racing as the lead changed several times a lap. O’Sullivan eventually won out over Clark, as Visser and McLarty followed then home.

Race 2 dished up more of the same with O’Sullivan and Clark side by side on the run down to turn 1 at the start, before Mike edged ahead at turn 3. Visser followed closely as McLarty came to grips with his new Mazda. A little more development should soon see the veteran and his Etude well into the mix. Battle lines had meantime been drawn up front, as Visser, Clark and O’Sullivan ran in close company.

Clark and O’Sullivan however made contact going into turn 12 on the penultimate lap had a, which gave Clark the advantage which he held to the flag, followed by O’Sullivan, Visser and McLarty. Clark also edged O’Sullivan to take overall honours for the day by all of 0.069 seconds, followed by Visser and McLarty.

With several other new cars due to be completed in time for the 2024 season, the new Ben Morgenrood HRSA Youngtimer category is set to bring even more close racing and excitement to Historic Tour weekends through 2024. Contact for more information about, and how to join this exciting new racing category.

Issued on behalf of HRSA Youngtimers

Photography by: Paul Bedford

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