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Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening. (IYKYK)

Flying into Port Elizabeth on Thursday afternoon, NOAH bounded off the plane and onto the tarmac like a kid possessed. With his fresh cut and lively grin, NOAH was surely destined for great things ahead of the weekends ROK CUP SA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – held at Celso Scribante Kart Track.

Leading up to the weekend were hours and hours of vital preparation. Pre-runs with the team, excellent nutrition to fuel the body, mind and soul, sim sessions & some off track Pilates to keep the core strong. Lest we forget some fun in the sun with sister Bailey and their bevy of four legged best friends!

It takes great faith to move mountains as his Granny used to say … and he did just that – right from the very first ray of Port Elizabeth morning sunshine. With Uncle Gavin and the rest of the CRONJE family in tow, Noah arrived with gusto and straight onto the track for warm up.

As the dew melted and the air warmed up, Noah was back on the grid to start his Qualifying. With five deep breaths and his dad by his side, it was time to bring all his training together – Round Three was officially on the go!

Smoke billowed off the karts as eight young determined drivers flew off the grid and onto the 1002m windy track. All of them gave their absolute best but ultimately it was little Cronje who walked away with the top spot, POLE POSITION.

What a great start to the day but as we all know; racing is never set in stone.

Race One started off with a bang. Noah, a SPARCO endorsed athlete, was in the fight and wasn’t about to back down from KID ROK competitors Riley Van Staden and Logan Billau. The race was heated but it was Noah who came out in front with some scintillating pace to finish in First Place. A superbly calculated drive by this Centurion boy.

Race Two had other ideas though. The three got caught up in a topsy turvy battle to survive, seeing Van Staden take the top spot at the finish, Billau in second and Noah taking a hugely frustrating third.

Race three had everyone on their feet. Loud applause erupted from the one side of the track while the other grimaced in disappointment. Billau, unable to finish the race made way for Roehrig who third behind an embattled Cronje who fell just short of the win.

A breathtaking day of driving ultimately saw NOAH walk away with a delightful second place finish overall.

Walking to the podium with his red MOTUL cap, Noah gushed with pride while he shook hands with his fellow drivers as they all stood with their trophies & smiles knowing they had just one more NATIONAL feature ahead.

Who is going to be the TOP DOG?

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