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Cronje, competing in his maiden NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP for 2024, whipped the track into a frenzy with his meticulous driving amongst a bevy of junior drivers from across the Country.

Qualifying in pole position, Cronje dueled with the likes of Van Staden, Billau and Roehrig in what felt like a never ending battle of wit and determination. Round one saw a defeated Cronje “limp” off the track after contact with Billau saw him finish dismally in fifth place.

Not one to back down from a fight, Cronje launched his attack and spiraled around the track with scrupulous poise finishing just behind Van Staden to claim second place in Round Two.

Cronje’s diligence prevailed again in Round Three after jousting with Van Staden to take first place in this last and final round of the first championship of the season.

After some scrutiny, and unfortunate circumstances – drivers were eliminated from the race with technical infringements which saw the Pretoria native move from a gallant fourth position to a well-deserved second place podium finish.

Published by: Deborah Leigh Jovanovic – Zeppelin Media

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