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The conclusion to the 2023 Western Province Kart Championships went down at Killarney International Raceway on Saturday, November 11, 2023. On a day marked by intense competition and heart-pounding action, fans alike witnessed the culmination of an entire season’s worth of efforts, with championships hanging in the balance until the very final lap.

As the checkered flag fell, we witnessed the crowning of the 2023 WP Regional and Club Champions, concluding a season that will be remembered as one of the very best in recent history.

Join us as we delve into the drama and unveil the results that shaped this incredible day of racing as we congratulate all the drivers who contributed to making the 2023 season an unforgettable chapter in Western Province Karting.
Bambino (5th – 9th birthday)
In an epic showdown for the 2023 Bambino Title, Michael O’Mahoney and Yaqeen Gamieldien delivered a performance that lived up to the hype. The day started with Gamieldien asserting his dominance by securing pole position, setting the stage for a fierce battle on track.

However, O’Mahoney, undeterred by the initial setback, bounced back, winning all three heats and ultimately securing the 2023 Bambino Title. The competition between these two drivers, who have consistently demonstrated their skills throughout the season, kept fans on the edge of their seats.

In the battle for the Championship podium, Radhi Harris put on a commendable performance, managing to overtake Slater Smith and secure third position. Harris’s impressive P2 finish in the final heat of the day solidified his claim to the third-place silverware for the 2023 season.

Caleb Lingeveldt and Slater Smith also delivered notable performances, claiming P4 and P5, respectively. Lingeveldt secured a top-three finish in the first race, while Smith replicated the feat in race 3. The rest of the top ten included Carter Cedras, Jake Steyn, Jacques Lewis, and Ebrahim Khalfey, each contributing to the intense level of competition that characterized the Bambino Class this season.

The 2023 Bambino stars showcased exceptional skill and passion throughout the season, leaving fans in awe of their talents. As the season concludes, one can’t help but feel excited about the future of WP Motorsport, with these promising and talented drivers at the helm.

Micro MAX (7th – 11th birthday)
The 2023 Rotax Micro Max title race proved to be a rollercoaster of excitement, mirroring the intensity witnessed in the Bambino Class. In a dramatic turn of events, Michael O’Mahoney replicated his success in Bambino by staging a remarkable comeback after his Championship rival, Liam Wharton, secured pole position early on before O’Mahoney clinched narrow victories in all three races to grab the title.

The consistently impressive Kiyaan Reddi secured third position for the day with a trio of 3rd-place finishes, showcasing his current form. Jayden van der Merwe, despite a DNS in race 1, managed to hold onto a well-deserved P3 in the 2023 standings, bringing an end to an impressive season for him.

Saturday’s on-track results also highlighted noteworthy performances from Zac Hindley, Carter Cedras, Ashaan Reddi, Ruan Lewis, and Mia Hermanus. Each driver contributing to the overall excitement of the day and the season as a whole.

As the checkered flag falls on the 2023 season, Michael O’Mahoney’s triumphant comeback and the fierce competition among the talented drivers in this class promise a bright future for the sport.

Mini Rok (8th – 13th birthday)
In a display of consistent excellence, Sebastiano Human emerged as champion of the 2023 WP Mini Rok class, capping off a perfect season with a second-place finish in each of Saturday’s four races. Human showed exceptional composure, earning him well-deserved recognition as the season’s worthy champion.

Hot on Human’s heels, Max Boshoff secured the runner-up spot in both the standings and on the track. Max’s younger brother, Zac Boshoff, displayed commendable skill to claim a respectable 3rd position in the final standings too.

However, the standout performer of the day was undeniably Aaron Mason. The in-form driver not only claimed pole position but also triumphed in all four races, marking a staggering achievement of winning six out of the seven races he contested in the latter part of the season. Mason’s extraordinary feat positions him as a formidable contender to watch out for in 2024.

Saturday’s podium featured Mason on the top step ahead of Champion Human alongside Max Boshoff, with Zac Boshoff closely following. The competitive field also saw notable performances from Ruhan Victor, Aashay Nagura, who impressed with a top-three finish in the final race, and Logan Roehrig.

Further down the ranks, Onwabile Mcinga, Max Denisov, Kiyaan, and Ashaan Reddi showcased their racing talents, followed by Noah Cronje, Aadiv Singh, and Jose’ Slamet, rounding out the impressive roster.

The 2023 WP Mini Rok class not only celebrated champion Sebastiano Human but also highlighted rising stars like Mason and many others, promising a good future for the sport.

Mini MAX (9th – 13th birthday)
Keagan Beaumont’s return to regional karting proved triumphant as he secured another overall win in Mini Max, capping off a season of dominance. Beaumont, with three wins out of four on the day, cruised to a well-deserved title that highlighted his dominance throughout the season. His progress will be closely monitored as he gears up for a full-time transition to Junior Max in 2024.

The spotlight, however, also shone on Keagan’s younger brother, Aiden Beaumont, who made a remarkable impact by claiming pole position in the morning. Aiden then went on to secure his first win in the class during Race 3, securing an impressive 2nd overall on the day. Aiden’s performance signals a promising future, and he is undoubtedly a driver to watch in the upcoming seasons.

Michael Danks rounded out the podium on Saturday, but the battle for championship supremacy was fierce, particularly between Nicolas Lennox and Franco Bensch. Bensch, overcoming a challenging day, bounced back to clinch P3 in the final race, securing the runner-up spot for the 2023 season by a mere 3 points over Lennox.

Notable performances throughout the weekend and the season came from drivers such as Matthew Roach, Aleksandar Praizovic, and Zach McAuley, showcasing the depth of talent Mini Max. The Beaumont brothers returned to the front, but not without facing formidable challenges from their competitors.

Keep a close eye on these emerging talents as they continue to make their mark in South African Motorsport.

Junior MAX (12th – 14th birthday)
In a season characterized by fierce competition, Rotax Junior Max delivered an epic battle at this past weekend’s 2023 championship finale. William Marshall, a force to be reckoned with all season, faced intense pressure to secure the title.

Marshall’s campaign started strong as he claimed pole position and emerged victorious in races 1 and 2. It seemed he had done enough to clinch the 2023 Title until race 3 threw a curveball his way. Despite encountering trouble in the final race, Marshall’s earlier performances proved decisive in securing the championship.

However, the day belonged to Jordon Wadeley, who displayed exceptional skill and determination. Wadeley’s triumph in race 3 not only earned him the overall win for the day but also secured a well-deserved runner-up position in the championship standings.

Keagan Beaumont, always a consistent contender at the front, found himself in the mix throughout the day. Despite his strong performances, missing the previous round, which featured four heats, left the door open for Ethan Deacon and James Nash to vie for the final piece of 2023 silverware. Deacon’s impressive third-place finish in the final race proved pivotal as he clinched 3rd spot in the championship by a narrow one-point margin.

The 2023 Junior Max season showcased tight competition from start to finish. Notable highlights included Matthew Chiwara’s remarkable road to recovery, ratified by securing a third-place finish in race 1 and a second-place finish in the final race of the day. Additionally, 2023 debutants Cole Hewetson and Anwill April made impressive marks in their maiden seasons, which bodes well for the 2024 Junior Max season.

Senior MAX (14th birthday +)
In a display of sheer dominance, 2023 Polo Cup Champion Charl Visser, added another title to his illustrious racing career by clinching the 2023 WP Senior Max Season. Saturday’s races proved to be a coronation for Visser as he secured pole position and swept all three races.

Visser’s sublime form throughout the season was a testament to his experience and skill, with Saturday’s performance serving as the crowning achievement of a remarkable season.
Matthew Wadeley, consistent and competitive throughout the year, secured runner-up spot in the championship, concluding a successful year for the talented racer and Ethan Stier, secured a well-deserved third place in the overall standings.

The battles on Saturday were nothing short of intense, particularly the tussle for the second spot behind Visser. Zac Laden and Tate Bishop engaged in a thrilling duel, with Supa Cup driver Bishop ultimately seizing the day, finishing ahead of Wadeley, Stier, and Oliver Roach.

Julius Schwager, in his short Senior Max career, continues to impress as does class rookie Jude Stuart, who rounded out the results, making a mark in his debut season.

DD2 (15th birthday +) and DD2 Masters (32nd birthday +)
Sebastian Boyd showcased his racing abilities yet again by securing the 2023 WP Regional DD2 Championship, adding to his recent National title triumph. The weekend saw Boyd executing a flawless strategy, making calculated moves to claim two victories and solidify his status in the DD2 class of 2023.

Pole-sitter Jason Coetzee, secured the runner-up position on the day and in the overall 2023 Championship standings. Coetzee’s consistent performances throughout the season earned the F1600 driver a well-deserved spot among the very best DD2 drivers in the province.

Third position went to Jurie Swart, who made a remarkable comeback to karting after a prolonged hiatus. Swart displayed impressive speed, challenging the top two throughout the day. Unfortunately, his valiant efforts were cut short by a catastrophic brake failure in race 3, bringing an early end to what could have been a triumphant return to the karting scene.

Sebastian Boyd’s two wins not only secured his regional title but also emphasized his status as one of the very best DD2 drivers of his era. The 2023 DD2 Championship has witnessed intense competition and remarkable driving from start to finish, setting the stage for what promises to be an equally exciting 2024 season.

DD2 Masters
In a title fight that will be remembered as one for the ages, the 2023 DD2 Masters Championship concluded with a breathtaking finale that went down to the wire. Conor Hughes and Jared Jordan battled fiercely throughout the season, and fittingly, it all came down to the final race to determine the champion. In a twist of fate, both drivers ended the season with equal points and wins, leaving the championship hanging in the balance.

Ultimately, Hughes was declared the 2023 DD2 Masters Champion, edging out Jared Jordan in a countback based on their second-place finishes throughout the season. Hughes secured the championship in a thrilling climax that highlighted the intense competition in the DD2 Masters class this season.

Jared Jordan, leaving no stone unturned, gave it his all on the final race day of the year, claiming pole position and sweeping all three race wins on the day. Despite his outstanding performance, the margin was so close that he had to settle for the runner-up spot in the overall 2023 Championship.

Michael Jordan, showcasing the family’s racing abilities, secured third on the day and in the standings while Niel Lambrechts, demonstrating his skills, finished as the best of the rest in the 2023 campaign, ahead of Eugene Clark, Robert Peche, and Andre Steenkamp.

The 2023 DD2 Masters season will be remembered as a battle of giants, with Conor Hughes emerging as the champion in a climax that epitomizes the spirit of motorsport – intense, competitive, and decided by the slimmest of margins.

Luca Wehrli asserted his dominance in the 2023 WP Clubmans Gold Cup, securing pole position and clinching three race wins on his way to claiming the championship title. Wehrli, back at his very best, left no room for his competitors to challenge his supremacy, showcasing an unparalleled performance on track throughout the season.

Talented lady racer Jade Lanfear, who hails from a family of racing talent, emerged as Wehrli’s closest rival on the day, securing three impressive second-place finishes. Notably, Ethan Rutter was in fine form too, rounding out the Gold Cup podium in third place.

The final race of the day saw club chairman Sean Le Riche claim third position, which was enough to secure him the runner-up spot in the 2023 championship, affirming his consistent and competitive presence in the class.

In the Silver Cup category, Jade Smith delivered an impressive performance, securing the win on the day. However, the victory wasn’t enough to topple the 2023 Silver Cup Champion, PJ Garbutt. Smith finished as runner-up behind Garbutt Silver Cup.

As Saturday’s races drew the curtains on the 2023 Clubmans season, guided by the leadership of club chairman Sean Le Riche, anticipation builds for the continued growth and competitiveness of this club class in the upcoming 2024 season.

As the checkered flag signals the end of the 2023 WPMC Karting season, our heartfelt appreciation goes out to everyone who played a role in making this season truly unforgettable. A sincere thank you to the drivers and the dedicated efforts of their teams and families. Special gratitude extends to the indispensable WPMC Marshals, without whom the thrill of racing would not be possible. We also express our thanks to the WPMC Karting Committee for their ongoing commitment to fostering the growth and competitiveness of grassroots Motorsport in the Western Cape, as well as to all the dedicated supporters who passionately follow the Championships.

As the drivers and their loved ones prepare to celebrate the accomplishments of the season at the upcoming prize-giving ceremony on Friday, November 24, the excitement builds for what lies ahead in the 2024 season. Anticipation is high for another year filled with exhilarating WPMC Karting action.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Photography by: Motorsport Fanatix

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