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KTM South Africa is proud to announce the triumphant completion of the Roof of Africa by none other than MotoGP sensation Brad Binder. The formidable enduro event, held in the rugged terrain of the Lesotho mountains, witnessed Brad Binder’s extraordinary foray into the world of enduro racing, and the KTM South Africa team is thrilled to have been a part of this historic moment.

Brad Binder, known for his exceptional skills on the MotoGP circuit, harbored a long-standing dream of participating in the Roof of Africa. In a serendipitous turn of events, 2023 proved to be the year when his MotoGP schedule aligned seamlessly with the iconic enduro race. Seizing the opportunity, KTM South Africa joined forces with Brad Binder to transform his dream into reality.

Despite having only a mere two hours of Enduro riding experience under his belt before the event, Binder exhibited unmatched determination and adaptability throughout the Roof of Africa. His riding technique underwent a remarkable transformation, showcasing the true mark of a champion. Facing the challenges posed by the treacherous Lesotho mountains, Brad demonstrated not only his prowess as a MotoGP rider but also his resilience as an athlete.

After a grueling 17 hours on the bike, Brad Binder crossed the finish line in the Bronze class, marking a historic achievement in one of the toughest editions of the Roof of Africa. The KTM South Africa team is immensely proud to have played a role in Brad’s success and looks forward to witnessing more such milestones in the future.

Commenting on his unforgettable experience, Brad Binder stated, “The Roof of Africa has always been a dream for me, and to have the chance to tackle it this year with the support of KTM South Africa is beyond words. The race was tough and the heat didn’t help, but every twist and turn of the route made the victory even sweeter. I’m grateful for the opportunity, and this experience will remain etched in my memory forever.”

Brad Binder’s remarkable journey at the Roof of Africa adds another chapter to his illustrious career, showcasing not only his adaptability as a rider but also the collaborative spirit between him and the KTM team. As the MotoGP season drew to a close for 2023 Binder found himself in fourth place in the championship, fans and enthusiasts eagerly anticipate witnessing Brad Binder’s future endeavors, both on the track and off-road in 2024.

Published by: Grant Frerichs

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