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Back to BORC it was for round 3 of the MSA MX National on May 4, 2024! The track looked amazing, with top-notch soil for racing. The weather behaved, giving us a day that wasn’t too hot, and the wind only picked up in the late afternoon, but nothing too hectic. A big thank you to everyone involved in putting on this event. Once again, we were treated by Red Bull with their shade and cool beats wagon, giving the spectators a great vibe. There was plenty of good food and drink for everyone from early until late. There’s always a good vibe at BORC.

As always, we must thank the MX community for traveling to these races, making it what it is—a bit of an MX mob that moves from city to city to participate and/or spectate in this amazing sport.

Onto the racing; track conditions were at their best in heat 1, a bit dry at some sections in heat 2, but our racers took it all in their stride.

With 13 entries for the MX1 class, still holding up great numbers. We had Slade Smith #337 join in on the fun for this round. It’s always great to have our SA boys who are racing overseas pop back in and race. We really did have some interesting outcomes for MX1. In heat 1, Cameron Durow #1 took 1st, followed by Slade Smith #733, and then Davin Cocker #87. In heat 2, again Cameron Durow #1 came in first, but then, to everyone’s surprise, Dalton Venter #151 kept it on to grab 2nd, followed by Davin Cocker #87 on the podium again. Good racing to watch! This gave us a top five of Cameron Durow #1 winning on his KTM, Dalton Venter #151 on his Yamaha in 2nd, Slade Smith #337 on a Yamaha in 3rd, Davin Cocker #87 on a Husqvarna in 4th, and Jayden Proctor #81 on a Yamaha in 5th.

The MX2 class had 11 riders line up. Again, some new mixes with the results. In heat 1, the top 3 we had Cameron Durow #1 take the win, followed by Johnathan Mlimi #259, and then Ricky Raaff #25 in 3rd. In heat 2, Cameron Durow #1 won again, followed by Johnathan Mlimi #259, and then Luke Grundy in 3rd. The top 5 overall resulted in Cameron Durow #1 in 1st place on his KTM, Jonathan Mlimi #259 a solid 2nd on a KTM, Ricky Raaff #25 in 3rd on his Gas Gas, Luke Grundy #450 in 4th on a KTM, and Jayden Proctor #81 in 5th on his Yamaha.

MX3 & MX Senior Support classes had 22 in all. Some had to dig deep to get their results, fighting to the end! The top 5 of the MX3 class saw Dean Wheeler #135 on his Yamaha take the win, followed by Levi Doherty #99 2nd on a Yamaha, Jonathan Hubbard #121 on a Yamaha 3rd, Warrick van Schalkwyk #17 on a Kawasaki 4th, and Morne Janse van Rensburg #144 on a KTM in 5th.

MX SNR Support had a good number of 9 on the line. Adam Bac #198 on a Kawasaki took the win, with Teagan Austin #96 on a Honda in 2nd, Stephan Maischatz #21 on a Yamaha in 3rd, Lario Du Toit #144 in 4th, and Zaydrian Grace #174 on a KTM in 5th. There was a good mix of bike brands in this bunch.

The MX Ladies class had 9 ladies line up, with two new faces joining. Still with their own gate. Leah Heygate #176 and Kayla Raaff #1 really gave us a show, what a race they had, neither of them giving up till they passed the line. Leah Heygate #176 on her KTM took the win, followed by Kayla Raaff #1 on a Gas Gas, Ivan Venter #32 on a Husqvarna with a solid race in 3rd, Mienke Cawood #202 on a KTM in 4th, Zoe Botha #128 on a Husqvarna in 5th, Jessica Osner #21 on a Husqvarna in 6th, Katelyn Pretorius on a KTM in 7th, Marlinka Zurich #603 on a KTM in 8th, and Chloe Odendaal #47 on a KTM in 9th.

MX High School & Supermini Classes had 20 125’s and 1 supermini line up. Again, a total mix of results, keeping you on your toes throughout the whole race. Heat 1 had Emmanuel Bako #21 take the win followed by Kade van Deventer #16 in 2nd and Tristan Durow #444 in 3rd. Heat 2 saw Trey Cox #37 for the win, with Tristan Durow #444 in 2nd and Emmanuel Bako #21 in 3rd. Resulting in a top 5 of Emmanuel Bako #21 for the overall win on his KTM, Trey Cox #37 on his KTM in 2nd, Tristan Durow #444 on a KTM in 3rd, Kade van Deventer #16 on a Gas Gas in 4th, and Ryan Adler #268 on a Husqvarna in 5th. Supermini had only Blake Frost #29 on his KTM.

The 85cc Class had 14 bikes line up. This class is impressive to watch, with all these young men so fast and confident. It was Evan Frost #28 on his KTM’s day, taking the overall win followed by Kabelo Ledwaba #280 on a KTM in 2nd, Cruz Martin #418 on a Husqvarna in 3rd, Cassie Van Zyl #234 on a KTM in 4th, and Trenton Kretzmann #94 on a KTM in 5th.

The 65cc Class had 19 bikes line up. Now these boys gave it their all; those small bikes really were made to go as fast as they could. The top 5 being Aiden Retief #42 on a KTM taking the win, followed by Brody Bircher #30 on a KTM in 2nd, Rayden Woolls #345 on a Husqvarna in 3rd, Rhys Carl Wentzel #404 on a KTM in 4th, and Ross Mackenzie #85 on a Gas Gas in 5th.

The 50cc Class had 12 bikes line up on the kids track. Here we had a bit of a change of results from the last National. Joshua-Zion Naude #34 on his KTM took the overall win followed by Luan Jordaan #20 on a KTM in 2nd, Riley Geldenhuys #1 on a KTM in 3rd, Trey Dean #117 on a KTM in 4th, and Mason Visser #420 on a Husqvarna in 5th. A big shout out to all the pickup marshals (AKA Dads), keeping the kids up and going. Racing is serious for these little guys, so falling over and waiting doesn’t go down well.

Now we are off to Natal for the 4th round of the MSA MX National being held at TEZA on Saturday, June 15. A big thank you to Ruben Louw for the awesome pictures. See you all there!

Issued by Serranne Meyer

Photography by:  Ruben Louw

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