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Tune in today, April 10, to catch the first episode of the FIA’s NEW YouTube series which features as one of the rookies, Max Smart from South Africa.

Fans will soon be able to follow the fortunes of six aspiring FIA world champion rally drivers with the release of Be the Next One, a five-part series available on the FIA’s YouTube channel from April 10.

Produced by the FIA, Be the Next One tells the story of how rookie competitors were discovered through the FIA Rally Star talent detection programme and their journeys to Sweden for the start of their FIA Junior WRC Championship adventure.

The Be the Next One mini-series also charts how the quartet – who had little or no previous motor sport experience – progressed from their national selection events through to the Continental Final stage and then into the FIA Rally Star Training Season, where they earned their places in the FIA Junior WRC for 2024.

In 6000 to 6, the first episode of Be the Next One, fans get to meet FIA Rally Star drivers Abdullah Al Tawqi (Oman), Jose ‘Abito’ Caparó (Peru), Annia Cilloniz (Peru), Taylor Gill (Australia), Romet Jürgenson (Estonia) and Max Smart (South Africa), who were among 6700 people to apply for the programme around the world.

It follows the various national selection events, discovers how the Continental Finals were won and the life-changing opportunities given to the winners – and hears from FIA Deputy President for Sport Robert Reid plus several jury members who helped in the rigorous selection process.

FIA Rally Star project leader Jérôme Roussel said: “The FIA Rally Star talent detection programme is widely recognised across the motor sport industry as being a great success. It has helped enormously in encouraging novice competitors to participate in the sport at grassroots level and has also identified very promising young drivers who all have the potential to go on and become world champions in the future. We are therefore delighted to present Be the Next One as the perfect way to tell this amazing story and shine the spotlight on the work of the FIA and all its Member Clubs – and their volunteer officials – in turning FIA Rally Star from concept to reality.”

The five episodes will be available on a weekly basis starting with Part One today, April 10, on the FIA’s YouTube channel. Watch Episode One here!


  • Abdullah Al Tawqi (OMN) – @a.altawqi
  • Jose ‘Abito’ Caparó (PER) – @abitocaparo
  • Annia Cilloniz (PER) – @anniacilloniz
  • Taylor Gill (AUS) – @taylorgill63
  • Romet Jürgenson (EST) – @rometjurgenson
  • Max Smart (ZAF) – @max_smart_16
  • FIA Rally Star – @fiarallystar