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KILLARNEY INTERNATIONAL RACEWAY was brilliantly sun-kissed for the start of the penultimate ROK CUP SA NATIONALS on Friday which began with a bolstering array of free practice sessions.

As teams from across the country descended into their pits on Saturday morning, the blankets of mist cloaked a multitude of thoughts, excitement, fears, and expectations,
… but today was going to be a great day!

NAGURA, fresh off weeks of testing in Cape Town, began his day with a jovial stride and a winning attitude his wake. After a disappointing turn of events in his last NATIONALS, he admittedly felt defeated but knew that there was no better time than this to prove that his tenacity was strong and his will, indestructible.

As the shadows of the morning dew lifted off the track, Nagura knew it was time for QUALI.
The hands on the clock were nimble as the minutes turned into nanoseconds and the results came roaring in after the tenth minute…
… Ninth place on the grid.

HEAT ONE glued everyone to their seats as the booming colours of karts sped by. RPM MOTORSPORTS was hard to ignore with their new livery, OMP race suits, and the flurry of parents looking sprightly in black and yellow. Nagura proved to be perilous with a brilliant 6th Place finish. The heat was finally on.

HEAT TWO took no prisoners either with an absurd amount of Mini Rok drivers in contention for the finish line and the highly coveted title of NATIONAL winner. Nagura was meticulous in his drive and maneuvered himself into a dashing 7th-place finish which saw him starting fifth on the grid for the next heat.

By HEAT THREE, Nagura knew he had solidified his place in the TOP 10 but it’s never over until the checkered flag rears its glorious self. After an exhilarating start to the heat, an intense battle forced Nagura from his fifth place to a frustrating ninth place.

As the dust settled and the day came to a frosty close, the OVERALL results came in HOT…
NAGURA broke his 2023 barrier with a brilliantly impressive SIXTH PLACE finish and another notch on his glistening karting belt.

One more to go!

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