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Rozario “Sonny” Bonafede and Peter Cromhout would win the 1973 Western Province Rally Championship in their Spilhaus Toyota Corona 1600 and in 1974 Peter John Cromhout was the proud recipient of the coveted WPMC Edgar Hoal Memorial Trophy. Quickly becoming one of the leading figures in the Western Cape Rally community.

Sadly, he and three others, would pass away in an aircraft accident on 19 June 1976, just three days before his 29th birthday.

On 27 January 1981 CPMCC President, Robert Marle and his wife, Anna, became the first recipients of the (1980) Peter Cromhout Memorial Award and though a number of other individuals followed these records still require some research to confirm. In 2004 Patrick Johnson (CPMCC) received the Peter Cromhout Memorial Award and for reasons unknown was not awarded again.

Colin Robert Cromhout and Wendy Cromhout (wife of the late Peter John Cromhout) was present when Robert and Anna Marle became the first recipients and they were present today to award Thorsten “Pau” Pey and Mark “Dipsey” Palmer as the 2023 recipients of the Peter Cromhout Memorial Trophy (after 44 years and one day).

Affectionately known as the Teletubbies their “Having Fun, Having a Ball” slogan became well known during their stint in the Western Cape Rally Championship where they won the 2009 “Junior” and 2010 “Senior” Rally Championship in their Forsdicks E36 BMW 325i.

Always willing to assist and share their experience the Teletubbies stepped in voluntarily to assist organisers as the competent and valued crew of the 0 car on each round of the championship. A task which they will continue to fulfil in 2024. Their dedication and valued support of the championship during these tough times cannot be applauded enough.

As the oldest regional sporting championship in South Africa (60 Years in 2024) there is ample reason to work together in reinstating this as the proudest honour in rallying and a proper annual awards function is a great start.
When veterans such as the 1975 Western Province Rally Drivers Champion, David Pike, attend with his not one, but two, regular navigators it adds to the atmosphere. Robyn Pike did not enjoy navigating much, so she married David whilst her sister, Trunell, continued to read the notes.

What an honour to see David Pike and Trunell Pike in front of the Honours Board in the foyer of the WPMC Clubhouse in the company of Robyn Pike.
Having Wendy Cromhout, Colin and Carole Cromhout, present to award the coveted Peter Cromhout Memorial Trophy topped the day and it was so much fun listening to their experiences of night rallying in the forests.

Roll on 2024!

Published by: Patrick Vermaak

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