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All MSA-accredited motorsport photographers (including trainees) are hereby invited to submit to MSA up to three (3) motorsport photographs each, for consideration for the 2023 Steve Wicks Photographer of the Year Award.
The submitted photographs, in digital format, should be accompanied by  a short explanation of what they depict, as well as the date and location of the MSA event at which the photograph was taken. 
The final decision with regard to the selection of the winner of the award will be made by an independent international panel of experts comprising Messrs Colin McMaster, Frits van Eldik, Graham Harris and Marian Chytka.
The winner of the competition will be invited to collect his or her award at MSA’s National Awards function to be held in Johannesburg on 10 December 2023. 

Submissions must be made to 
by no later than the deadline date of 10 October 2023 in order to be considered.