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Dear MSA Stakeholder,

The nomination period for the 2023 MSA Environmental Award is now open.

MSA wants to recognize and appreciate members, organisers, competitors, and individuals who have contributed significantly to environmental awareness and protection in motorsport during the calendar year.
Creating awareness about the environment through the MSA Environmental Award is the perfect platform for our competitors, members, and enthusiasts. 

We should maintain a sustainable environmental approach every day instead of reserving our concern for the environment for just a single day each year. 

Together, let’s improve our sport’s sustainability for future generations.


  • Pollution prevention
  • Recycling and Waste Management
  • Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Generation or development of alternative energy
  • Energy and water conservation measures
  • Environmental Management Systems at events
  • Tree planting and greening initiatives
  • Environmental education and awareness
  • Any other innovative environmental enhancement ideas or projects

There will be a prize presentation at the MSA Awards Ceremony for the winner.
Among the ways in which the winner will be selected is based on the photographic and other evidence submitted with the nomination. A nomination should also provide information about the nominee’s contributions.

Indications of any or all of the following must be included:

  • Benefits and Outcome – What environmental receptors did you address and how has this project benefited the motorsport community? 
  • What kind of solution/mitigation did the nominee develop or implement to address the identified needs?
  • Sustainability – Did your project achieve significant environmental awareness and does it have the potential for wider application to address sustainability amongst motorsport stakeholders?
  • Communication and Outreach – Did the project engage different stakeholders? How many people benefited from the project?
  • Innovation – Does the project provide guidance for others? Will it influence public perceptions?

All nominations and supporting material should be sent to

The deadline date for the submission of nominations is by 30 September 2023.