November 9, 2020  

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Motorsport South Africa (MSA) and five other applicants are heading back to the High Court in Johannesburg on 17 November 2020 in a matter where the High Court on two prior occasions has ruled in favour of the applicants against Mr Steve Wyndham.

Says Anton Roux, Chairman of MSA: “It is clear that Mr Wyndham does not have any respect for the High Court orders that have been granted against him. The matter between MSA and Mr Wyndham was a civil matter, but now has turned into a criminal matter as Mr Wyndham is acting deliberately and in wilful contempt of those court orders. The fine that is payable and the committal to prison are not a sanction imposed by MSA – it is a sanction imposed by the High Court for Mr Wyndham deliberately and flagrantly ignoring the court orders granted by it.”

“Mr Wyndham is damaging motorsport in all its facets. He is spreading falsities and inaccurate information and is damaging the reputation of the sport, and his actions could make sponsors reluctant to commit to sponsoring competitors and events. MSA has given Mr Wyndham the opportunity to engage with the board on numerous occasions, but he has declined each invitation to engage with the board of MSA. Instead, he continues to conduct his malicious campaign against MSA and others on Facebook.

MSA published a press release during October 2020 which stated that it would not be in the best interest of the sport to seek Mr Wyndham’s imprisonment. After this press release, Mr Wyndham saw this as an opportunity to make further derogatory, false and defamatory comments on social media about MSA and others.

“It is not for MSA to comment on what the sanction must be by the High Court, that will be the High Court’s decision” says Roux.

For background, please refer to the following statements:
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