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June 21, 2022  
Over the past few months, I have reflected on the paradigm shift that has occurred in terms of the atmosphere and attitudes of teams and parents towards each other, within the karting community and how there is so much support and positivity amongst all those involved in MSA karting.



Having spent time observing the competitors at round four of the MSA Northern Regions Karting Championship at the FK Kart Circuit on Saturday (18 June 2022), I am particularly struck by the level of sportsmanship.

Sportsmanship is important in every form of sport, but is not necessarily something that I strongly associated with motorsport in its various forms right up to F1. After this weekend, I am pleased to admit that I was very wrong. To witness the level of respect I saw on Saturday amongst competitors as young as 6 years old, was absolutely amazing and the future of the sport is in very good hands. Especially when you consider the amount of adrenalin and emotion experienced by these young drivers during a race.

Two specific moments stand out from the weekend, which I really feel worthy of sharing.

The first: Two Bambino competitors touched during their race. When the young drivers came into parc ferme, their Dads called them aside and discussed what had happened in a compassionate and constructive manner, explaining which driver was at fault and why. The driver in the wrong apologised, both shook hands and went off to play. There was no animosity or anger amongst either party, just understanding. What could have become a grudge situation was turned into a teaching moment.

The second instance which really hit home, was after the final Kid Rok race. With two laps to go, an on track incident saw a change in the lead. Despite the huge amounts of emotion experienced by the drivers involved, specifically Kayde Cornofsky, the young driver, with encouragement from his Dad, went to congratulate the race winner, sparking a chain reaction of outstanding sportsmanship amongst the entire field.

In reflection, parents can be so proud of their outstanding children and the incredible young men and ladies that they are raising. I once again leave a race event feeling proud to be a small part of what is becoming an incredible racing community.

For the record, the overall race results were as follows:

Bambino: Diego Antunes took the overall win from Koen Ronaldo, Benjamin Gibhard, Luhan de Wet and Jenson Dias

Kid Rok: Kayde Cornofsky finished on the top step of the podium, ahead of Maddox Mason, Brodi Dowling, Declan Jurgens and Logan Billau. Santiago Frade finished sixth, with Franco Gibhard, Riley van Staden and Oliver Neill rounding out the top ten.

Mini Rok: Sebastian Dias took a clean sweep in Mini Rok for the overall win. Luke Hill finished second, with Enzi Rujugiro third. Troy van der Laan, Caleb Moss and Mattao Mason all made the top six. Tshepang Shisinwana, Angelo Brachini and Sebastien Blignaut were narrowly behind.

OKJ: Mahlori Mabunda took the win from Kent Swartz (who also won the Mini Max division), Ntiyiso Mabunda and Taya van der Laan.

KZ2 saw Bjorn Roos finish ahead of Michael Pringle and Kyle Lawrence. Carlo Olivier took fourth, with Waldo Seeger and Nathan Smith fifth and sixth respectively. Dyllen Smith ended the day seventh.

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