May 25, 2015  

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After several months of planning, Motorsport South Africa is proud to announce the release of an environmental awareness documentary based on the requirements of the MSA Environmental Code.

After several months of planning, Motorsport South Africa is proud to announce the release of an environmental awareness documentary based on the requirements of the MSA Environmental Code. The objective of the video, The Environmental Race - Motorsport's Biggest Challenge  is threefold:

  • An introduction to the major environmental issues facing motorsport today and an explanation as to why addressing these issues is in the best interests of the sport.
  •  Best Environmental Practice and mitigation measures, which competitors, organisers and circuit owners can follow to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Information to organisers and circuit owners on how to achieve and improve environmental sustainability during the planning and hosting of events.

The video also coincides with the launch of an illustrated guide, The Road Towards Environmental Sustainability in Motorsport, which covers the aforementioned in more detail.

Adrian Scholtz, CEO of Motorsport South Africa, says that:

“All sports organisations carry special responsibility as far as environmental awareness is concerned.  Environmental sustainability in motorsport is only possible with the collaboration of all the different stakeholders that are involved in the sport. They all play a role to ensure that motorsport events are planned and conducted in an environmentally compatible way. Education in itself is one of the most powerful instruments we have for bringing about the changes required to achieve sustainable development in motorsport. Environmental education should be an all-embracing, life-long process which actively involves all roleplayers in the solution of specific problems”.

Marius Matthee, President of MSA’s Environment Panel, who also compiled the guide, says that:

“With the aid of proper training and environmental educational material we can address a current void which can benefit motorsport in general.  We were very grateful to receive the support and encouragement from the FIA’s Institute for Safety and Sustainability to launch this project, along with their funding for the project by way of a grant. The project objective was to deliver a complete package on environmental sustainability. We also wish to make the video and guide available to other Motorsport and Sporting Federations in order to adapt to their own environmental requirements and to encourage greater interaction throughout the African continent and beyond”.

A further element of the project was to produce a series of PowerPoint presentations, for educational purposes, dealing with general environmental awareness in motorsport, the responsibilities of competitors and their support crews, the responsibilities of organisers and promoters, and the role and function of MSA’s accredited Environmental Officers. These PowerPoint presentations will be distributed to all accredited Environmental Officers to carry forward the message into their own regions and clubs.

The video documentary and environmental guide will be available at all MSA training seminars to illustrate various environmental guidelines and will also be distributed free of charge to MSA affiliated clubs, circuits, race organisers and promoters.

All interested parties can contact Motorsport South Africa for copies or download them directly by clicking on the links provided below:

Click here to download the Environmental Guide - The Road Towards Environmental Sustainability in Motorsport

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