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UNIREF 26th Club Mykonos Gymkhana Langebaan
March 2, 2015  

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It has been some time since Mykonos was Rustled but most would agree that when Fanie and Zac du Toit set the fastest time of the day enroute to overall victory in their immaculately prepared class A Mazda Rustler LDV 2.0 16v it was a deserved result.

It has been some time since Mykonos was Rustled but most would agree that when Fanie and Zac du Toit set the fastest time of the day enroute to overall victory in their immaculately prepared class A Mazda Rustler LDV 2.0 16v it was a deserved result.

Fanie du Toit finished 57th overall on his Club Mykonos debut some eight years ago and always set his ultimate goal on achieving  victory at this venue. Having won the overall championship with Kobus Wilson Jnr as navigator in 2014 there was no doubting the ability to do so. Having damaged the LDV in the season finale in Ceres Fanie only took delivery of his steed at 14h00 on the Friday preceding Mykonos and nominated his 11 year old son, Zac, as official navigator for 2015.

With Brent Lauring taking a sabbatical assisting his son with karting, the AHI Turbo Mini Cooper S, the Du Plessis brothers Toyota, the Eikestad Plastic Repairs Golf and a few more not ready for Mykonos odds favoured Izak Van Zyl Jnr and Dewald van der Merwe to further close the gap to the six crowns won by Mike. With ample opportunity to dial in the Dynotech class G VW Golf MkII GTi Turbo 2.0 16v the scene was set for a possible fourth crowning. 

But, this Mykonos, and the desire to win the most prestigious title in the WBMK Championship can be incredibly motivating. The route on Saturday 28 February 2015 was technical, favouring precision driving, and both Izak and Fanie stepped up to produce some of their best driving performances to date. Chipping away at the fastest time of the day it was Fanie and Zac du Toit that produced the drive of the day to clinch a brilliant victory in front of a very appreciative crowd.

Equally impressive was Kobus Wilson Jnr and Werner McDonald (debutant navigator) in third overall with the incredibly nimble class F 1976 Datsun GX Deluxe Sedan 1.4i. Duncan Jepthas and Nashrené Schloss fourth in the always immaculately prepared and now 2000cc class A Toyota Corolla Sprinter. Driving as hard as ever Jan van der Vyver and Liezel Oosthuizen placed their class D VW Golf Chico 1.4i  fifth overall amongst some serious company.

Natheer Firfirey and Masood Dangor sixth in the light blue, supercharged, AHI Construction Mini Cooper S 1.6 with Nashrené and Taahirah Schloss seventh in the rapid green class A Toyota Corolla Sprinter 2.0. More change saw Anton Smit and Tania Vermaak in eighth spot with the Innovative Woodwork class F Datsun-Toyota
LDV 1.6 after some spirited driving.    

Dewald van der Merwe and Izak van Zyl Snr also enjoyed a great day in the office and their ninth spot overall was impressive with the Dynotech class G VW Golf MkII GTi Turbo 2.0 16v. The top ten completed by Nashrené Schloss and Aatera Firfirey in the all ladies class winning Toyota Corolla Sprinter 2.0.

Morné Roux and Liezel Oosthuizen returned to battle armed with the ex-Fanie du Toit class A Mazda 323 EGi 2.0 16v and after a three year absence it took them a few runs to settle into their customary consistency. Eleventh overall and fourth in class should however serve as fair warning that this combination will be turning up the wick in 2015.

Ill health almost saw Rafique Firfirey withdraw from the event and as it was he still did not fancy his chances in the powerful Opel Kadett Superboss GSi 2.0 16v and opted for the supercharged convertible AHI Construction class G Mini Cooper S 1.6 instead as it had power steering. His regular turbocharged AHI Construction class G Mini Cooper S 1.6 could not be upgraded in time and Rafique was feeling the absence of his favourite steed enroute to 12th overall and fourth in class.

The technical route saw Duncan Jepthas and Nashrené Schloss really battling for grip in the awesome class G VW Golf MkII TSi 2.0 and 13th overall fifth in class was better than expected. Johann Zulch introduced new navigator, Cobus Viola, to the sport by winning class E in the Ceres Toyota backed E30 BMW 325iM and 14th overall was a fine result with the heavy rear wheel driven Beemer.

Ivan Munnik and Hennie Odendaal used the absence of the Du Plessis brothers to their advantage by taking a debut victory in class C on their gymkhana debut in the ex-Danye Louw Toyota Corolla RXi 1.6. Masood Dangor and Aatera Firfirey joined forces as brother and sister in the AHI Construction supercharged cabriolet Mini Cooper S 1.6 to finish sixteenth overall after a consistent drive.

Hilton “Rattle Foot” Africa and Xander Vorster enjoyed a personal battle and seventeenth overall was earned the hard way in the Willie Morries supported VW Fox 1.6 as the class B winning Opel Corsa LDV 1.8 of Xander Vorster and Hilton “Rattle Foot” Africa placed 18th overall. Good friends off track they certainly kept each other honest whilst on the route.

Ill health prevented Günther and Louise Appelgryn from competing (incredibly they also missed the first event in 2014 due to ill health) and with the Spiderman Golf idle in the garage as well as the Schloss Corolla being upgraded to class A the class presented the perfect opportunity for Xander Voster and Hilton Africa to take line honours.

Dewald van der Merwe also used the opportunity to learn more about drifting by having Izak van Zyl Jnr navigate and coach him towards 19th overall and 7th in class G with the 4.0 V8 Lexus powered rear wheel drive 1987 Dynotech Toyota Corolla. And he certainly did manage to hold a few entertaining and controlled slides.

JD van der Merwe and Danye Louw had a slight misfortune in their Honda Ballade 180i and opted for a borrowed class A VW Golf MkI 2.0 instead and eventually time was Aatera Firfirey and Liezel Oosthuizen and they place the hard working supercharged AHI Construction cabriolet Mini Cooper S 1.6 21st  overall and second in class on debut.

Desmond Harding had Tania Vermaak as navigator in the class F Chana LDV 1.3 and was elated to finish 22nd overall and third in class on home front. Pieter Steyn and Johannes Jonker enjoyed a wheel lifting day enroute to 23rd Overall and 4th in class F with the Weetie Regtig Alfasud 1450cc powered space framed dune runner. Keeping himself very busy Piet also enjoyed the company of both his daughters, Leoné and Carina, as navigators in non scoring entries. Great to see so many new navigators in training.

Danye Louw and JD an der Merwe also had a 330d BMW present and found it a ltlle difficult to weave through the route enroute to 24th overall and 8th in class G. Hennie Hofmeyer and Morné Roux another new combination in the class C Nissan Sentra 1.6. 25th Overall and 3rd in class certainly sufficient to have Hennie commit as regular competitor in future.

Izak van Zyl Jnr and Snr also joined forces in the spectacular 4.0 V8 Lexus powered class G Dynotech Toyota Corolla rwd and 26th overall was of little concern as they simply enjoyed driving sideways. Masood Dangor and Aatera Firfirey 27th overall and 2nd in class D with their standard VW Polo 1.4i on debut whilst Liezel Oosthuizen and Tania Vermaak were content with 28th overall nd 3rd in class I with the standard Toyota Yaris 1.3.

Enjoying a superb on track tussle with the class D VW Polo 1.4i of Aatera Firfirey and Masood Dangor the fun was spoiled when Aatera became the latest victim of the notorious Mykonos pavements. Still classified as 29th overall and 3rd in class though. Liezel Oosthuizen and Aatera Firfirey also placing the Toyota Yaris 1.3 30th overall as class D entry.

Tania Vermaak and Liezel Oosthuizen 31st in car 31, the standard VW Golf Citi Sport 1.4i. Encouraging to see the interest in the ladies class growing and hopefully more will be joining in the near future.

For Jean-Pierre Robberts and Kobus Wilson Jnr the season did not start well as the Breedevallei Truck Centre class A Opel Kadett GSi 2.0 16v ran out of oil pressure moments after Dave Köpke had complimented them on a well prepared car.  Dave and Petro Köpke joining Anton van Bosch as former Mykonos Kings present as spectators on the day.

Hennie Odendaal and Barend Spies was to have shared the rapid Tersius van Tonder class A VW Golf MkI 2.0 but four sideshafts later they still did not have a time recorded and opted to rather withdraw the car. Danye Louw and JD Van der Merwe literally ran out of front wheels on the neat looking class B Honda Ballade 180i.

As single seaters Izak van Zyl Jnr dominated in the Dynotech VW Golf MkII GTi Turbo 2.0 16v with the Datsun GX Sedan of Kobus Wilson Jnr an impressive second and Dewald van der Merwe third in the same Dynotech Golf. Duncan Jepthas simply had no traction and settled for fourth in the growling TSi Golf whilst Izak van  Zyl Jnr also enjoyed sliding the Dynotech V8 Corolla into fifth spot. Jan van der Vyver sixth in the 1.4i Chico whilst the Opel of Jean-Pierre Robberts failed to score.

Danie Burger as always the man  behind the scenes on the West Coast whilst the valued assistance of Donevan Denyssen and UNIREF deserves our sincere thanks as his team assists with the building of the tyre wall in addition to being the title supporter of the Mykonos events. Nico van Zyl and Jurgen Smith travelled all the way from Vredendal to assist Dewald and Meghan Nortjé as start and finish marshals whilst Hermie de Kock led a new team of Judges of Fact.

Diffie van Deventer and Marius Bester shared the superb Unicom Services PA to good effect, keeping the crowd well informed of all the happenings on the track as well as the scoreboard. A tree on the horizon provided much debate as to the history of the people and venue involved but suffice to say it was the senior members that looked after the administrative side of the event. Pierre van der Westhuizen as Clerk of the Course and Robert Marle as MSA Steward and Environmental Officer. Somehow the latter did not appreciate the comments about dinosaurs in the valley?

André Brinkman was tested to the extreme on this occasion as the Pit Bull struggled to maintain number order. With the South Easter putting everyone and everything to the test late afternoon the day closed with an informal prizegiving at the waterfront.

A special word of thanks to Jan van der Vyver and Piet Steyn for their valued assistance.  See you at the 10th Weskus Mall Vredenburg Saturday 21 March 2015.

Published by:  Patrick Vermaak

Picture Caption:  Fanie and Zac Du Toit - 1st Overall 1st Class

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