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August 16, 2018  

Supplied by Motorsport SA Administrator from Motorsport SA
MSA has noted with extreme concern two examples of defective steering couplings that failed during a recent motorsport event, fortunately without serious incident. However, any failure of a car’s steering mechanism during motorsport competition can obviously have catastrophic consequences.


Both of the units that failed were new units and had had very limited use prior to failure.

All competitors that make use of ‘Clip-On’ steering couplings are therefore hereby urged, in the interests of their own safety as well as that of other parties, to immediately inspect their steering couplings for signs of damage/defects/excessive wear.  This is particularly important for competitors who have recently purchased steering couplings from a source other than a reputable seller of motorsport components and/or have paid a price for the coupling that is noticeably cheaper than the norm for quality components. 

To assist, below are photographs of the two failed components discovered to date:

Item 1:

Item 2:

Both Items


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