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March 15, 2019  

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The “Vortex Rok” revolution begins to take shape with a show of Class distinction... the 2019 Rok Cup SA kicked off with the support of the 125cc 6 speed GP Shifter class who certainly flexed the Shifter muscles with the largest entry and field seen in South Africa for many a year!

The first round of the Rok Cup SA Series took place over the weekend in the Vaal at the Vereeniging Kart Circuit…With an entry of eighty three (83) competitors over five 5 classes, a new dawn has begun in South African Karting.  

The Rok SA Series boasts a “National and Regional Championships”  for their classes, starting with the Kid Rok 50cc, Mini Rok 60cc, with three (3) of the five (5) Classes having an affiliation to the “Official CIK-FIA World Championships”, namely the Vortex Rok powered classes starting with the MSA Academy Trophy (Junior class OKJ engine), the Super Rok Class (Senior OK engine) and then the GP 125cc Shifter classes all powered by the TM 125cc, 6 Speed shifter KZ engine that are utilised in the CIK-FIA KZ World Championships.

Starting from the Kid Rok class (11 Competitors) for the competitors aged between 5 and 8 year olds followed by the Mini Rok class (19 Competitors) which has been biggest class for many years aimed at the 8 to 13 year olds. The MSA Academy Trophy class had (15 Competitors), the newly formed (Super Rok Class 5 Competitors) and then the 125cc Shifters with a massive entry of 32 competitors.

Congratulations are in order to the Promoters of the “Rok Cup SA Series” as the event from the initial entry form to the days racing and smooth running of the event was well managed. Their new timing application too was well received and highlighted the growth in their status of this and future events in just 12 months. Their vision to entice the GP Shifters to their events was a master stroke and now they reap the rewards of their own successful classes.

Thirty two (32) 125cc 6 speed Shifters on a grid, is a pulsating and heat pumping sight …… not in a many a year have we seen such a larger field for a Regional event as the 125cc Shifter class, that has become a “National” Class… although it was the first round of the Northern Regions Regional championship, this class is proving to be the “Pinnacle two stroke class” across all forms of Kart racing in South Africa.

Qualifying was initially split into two categories, namely odds and even numbers which too became a challenge as there were far more odd numbers than even numbers.  So it was the first 16 on the grid formation that went out first followed by the second 16 competitors.

The GP 125cc Shifter class has some new comers to the class but certainly not to motorsport, with the likes of Keegan Masters, Trevor Bland, Tato Carello entered on the day and the like of Kyle Mitchell rumoured to be joining after a long absence the class is proving to be the class of 2019.

Qualifying proved to be a close affair with the pole position changing no less than 8 times between Connor Rogers, Keegan Masters (Superkarts), Scott Falconer, Bjorn Roos and Kurt Bakewell (GP) with Rob Bakewell and Mauro Munari fighting for personal honours in the Veterans class.

In the end Keegan took pole position with a time of 47.513, followed by Connor 47.516 and then surprize package Fabienne Lanz (47,646) chased by Kurt Bakewell, Bjorn Roos and Scotty Falconer the reigning GP 12cc champion.
Race 1:

Off the line the top five front positioned competitors Keegan, Connor, Fabienne, Kurt and Scotty were all looking to be in lead through the Chicane into the bottom corner. Keegan got there first followed by the group.

On the last lap (Although the lap count down was suspect) Fabienne (GP) made her move on Connor at Talken corner keeping him at bay to cross the line as the winner ahead of Connor, Keegan (both Superkarts), Scott, Kurt, Bjorn (All GP’s) and Dominic Diaz (Superkart). In the Vets it was Wayne Masters who took the honours ahead of Mauro Munari and Quinton Wentzel.

Unfortunately for the top three across the lines as the all received a 3 second penalty for “Jump” starts which pushed them back down the field in terms of points but not on finishing position.  

Race One - Overall Results:

  • 1.    Superkarts    Dominic, Connor, Bevan Williams, Keegan, Calvin Dias and Dylan Seely.
  • 2.    GP         Scott, Kurt, Bjorn, Fabienne, Miguel Dias and Ryan Bakewell.
  • 3.    Veterans    Wayne, Mauro, Quinton, Keith Palm, Mike Venske and Rob Bakewell.

Race 2:

The second race had Connor and Kurt blast off the line getting ahead of Keegan, Scott, Fabienne and Dominic heading through the chicane. Kurt followed by Connor who took the lead at the bottom corner and proceed to increase his lead lap after lap over Kurt and Fabienne who passed Kurt in pursuit of Connor. The eventual winner was Connor followed by Kurt, Keegan, Fabienne, Scott and Dominic.

Race Two Overall Results:

  • 1.    Superkarts    Connor, Keegan, Dominic, Bevan, Dylan and Calvin.
  • 2.    GP        Kurt, Fabienne, Scott, Bjorn, Ryan and Miguel.
  • 3.    Veterans    Wayne, Mauro, Laurance, Quinton, Mike and Keith

There were a few race infringements with Bjorn, Calvin, Tato Carello and Megan Verlaque all receiving a time penalty (Points finish penalty) but remaining in their positions for the last race.

Race 3:

Once again the two front runners powered off the line followed by the pack, with Connor taking the lead followed by Kurt with the remaining 28 competitors all chasing. The race developed into a four competitor race as in the previous two races with Keegan joining the party. With so many competitors everywhere you looked there was action with good clean overtaking manoeuvres, with the competitors showing their experience with positional changes every lap across the field.

End the end it was Connor who prevailed with some penalties being awarded for “Jump” starts, so the result was Connor followed by Keegan (Superkarts), Kurt, Scott, Fabienne (GP) and Bevan (Superkart).  In the GP Vets it was Wayne who took the honours followed by Rob, Laurance and Quinton who were all mixing it with the younger GP competitors.

All in all the GP Shifter class has outlasted many of the new classes over the years and now as a “SA National” class with the first event to be held on the 16th March 2019 at the Vereeniging Kart Circuit, it will be interesting to see the almighty GP 125cc Shifters on the grid once again of a “SA National” series.     

Race Three Overall Results:

  • 1.    Superkarts    Connor, Keegan, Bevan, Dylan Seely, Dominic, Calvin and Michael Pringle.
  • 2.    GP 125cc    Kurt, Scott, Fabienne, Ryan, Paul Dias and Ian Basson
  • 3.    GP Veterans    Wayne, Rob, Laurance Jones, Quinton and Mauro.

Days Overall top six positions

CLASS & Position


GP 125cc



Connor Rogers

Kurt Bakewell

Wayne Masters


Keegan Masters

Scott Falconer

Mauro Munari


Dominic Dias

Fabienne Lanz

Quinton Wentzel


Bevan Williams

Bjorn Roos

Laurance Jones


Dylan Seely

Ryan Bakewell

Keith Palm


Calvin Dias

Ian Basson

Rob Bakewell


Published by:  Mike Venske

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