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December 5, 2018  

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On the 3rd November the GP 125 and Superkarts arrived at Zwartkops International Kart Raceway for the final event of the year.

There were 24 of the fastest Karters in South Africa contesting the final round of Northern Regions Regional Championship. These six (6) speed shifter have set the fastest times at Vereeniging Kart Circuit, Idube (KZN) and at Zwartkops considering that combined with the driver the classes come in at 195kgs and 200kgs.

Up for grabs were the three classes, GP 125cc, GP 125cc Vets and the Superkart class with most of not all the competitors utilising the TM engine which is one of the official engines for CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 World Championships.

The GP 125 championship had Scott Falconer (Ricciardo) leading the way by (23 points) followed by Kurt Bakewell (FK) and Miguel Dias (Kosmic). With the GP 125 Vets all but secured at the previous meeting by Mauro Munari (CRG), it remained as to who would finish second and third between Luis Dias and Rob Bakewell. Unfortunately Luis was unable to compete in the event due to a shoulder operation suffered a few years back when he was racing Quads.

In the Superkart class there was a 14 point gap between championship rivals Connor Rogers (Kosmic) and Kyle Laurance (Praga) then followed by with Dylan (FA), Michael (Zanardi), Calvin (Tonykart), Bevan (Gold Kart) and Dominic (Tonykart).

Warm Up session:
In the warm up, Connor Rogers (Superkart) lead the way (42.48’) followed by Bjorn Roos GP 125 (42.82’), Calvin Dias (Superkart – 42.84’), Scott Falconer, Kurt Bakewell, Kyle Lawrence (Superkart) Craig Koekemoer, Bevan Williams (Superkart), Paul Dias, Dylan Seely (SK), Michael Pringle (SK), Dominic Dias (SK) Arashad Mussa (GP), Miguel Dias (GP), Clint Jones, (GP), Mauro Munari (GP-Vet) Alex Lenaerts (GP) Rob Bakewell (GP-Vet), Quinton Wentzel (GP-Vet), Wayne Masters (GP-Vet), Mike Venske (GP-Vet), Laurance Jones (GP- Vet) with Ryan Bakewell (GP) and Michael Potgieter (GP) not taking to the Warm up session.

Qualifying was broken into 2 sessions based on the warm up session with the fastest 12 competitors being first followed by the next 12 competitors.

In the first Qualifying session the times between 1st and 12th was a mere .7 of a second with the pole position changing ne fewer than six times during the 10 minute session. First Bjorn grabbed pole, then Connor (Kosmic), then Kyle (Praga), Scott (Ricciardo) and then finally Connor grabbing overall pole on the last lap ahead of Kyle, Scott, Dominic, Kurt (FK), Ryan n(FK), Bevan (Gold Kart), Paul (Tonykart), Calvin (Tonykart), Dylan (FA) making up the top 10 qualifiers. With Wayne Masters (FA) being the fastest GP- Vet qualifying 15th overall, followed by Mauro (CRG), Laurance (Zanardi), Rob (FK) and Mike Venske (Zanardi).

1st Heat:
The first heat got off to a fantastic start by the front runners with Kyle grabbing the hole shot ahead of Connor, with Scott, Kurt and Dominic all in close attendance. Unbelievably all 24 shifters navigated the first and second corners with little incidents letting the whole pack wind through the corners like a giant centipede. Up front the battle for the two championships on offer, the contenders were there, Kyle and Connor (SK), Scott and Kurt (GP) followed by a determined Dominic, Bjorn, Ryan, Paul with Miguel moving up from 13th place to 9th very quickly.
After 10 pulsating laps from the top contenders, from the front to the last man the racing was of the highest calibre with passing manoeuvres being the order of the day. With one lap to go Connor (SK) made his move on Kyle (SK) to take first place and cross the line ahead of Kyle, followed by Scott (GP), Kurt (GP), Dominic (SK), Bjorn (GP), Ryan (GP), Paul Miguel (GP), and Craig (GP) for top ten honours. Wayne Masters was the first GP vet home

2nd Heat:
The second heat was more frantic as Kyle blitzed off the line to secure the hole shot with Scott, Kurt, Dominic and Ryan swamping Connor into the first corner followed by the next 19 shifter competitors all looking for a gap to get one over the competitor’s ahead of them.

With Kyle taking a commanding lead as Scott, Kurt, Dominic and Ryan were scrapping for second, Connor set about chasing them and the leader. One by one Connor passed the competitors in front of him mindful that there was a GP 125 championship being contested by Scott and Kurt.

Eventually managing to get by the competitors in front of him, Connor was in pursuit of Kyle who was recording consistent lap times to win the race finishing 0.2 ahead of Connor in second followed by Scott, Kurt, Bjorn, Bevan (SK), Ryan, Dominic, Miguel and Paul.

Wayne once again clinched 1st place in the GP Vets followed by Rob, Quinton, Mike, Laurance and Mauro who suffered a technical problem.

Third Heat:
This was the final heat of the year for all 3 Championships with Scott leading the GP 125cc and just having to finish the race to clinch the title ahead of Kurt and the same for Connor in the Superkart championship ahead of Kyle.

Kyle got off the line to take the hole-shot followed by Connor, Kurt, Scott, Bjorn, Dominic, Ryan, Dylan, Craig and Paul. The race soon spread out with Kyle and Connor breaking away from the pack led by Kurt, Bjorn, Scott, Dominic, Ryan, Dylan, Craig and Paul who were being chased closely by the next pack led by Michael, Calvin, Wayne (1st GP-Vet) Rob, Michael Potgieter.

Kyle went on to win the race hounded all the way by Connor (setting the fastest lap 42.62) who had settled for second in order to win the Superkart 2018 championship with Kyle finishing the days winner and overall second in the Superkart 2018 Championship followed by Dominic, Dylan, Michael and Bevan.

In the GP class (third heat) was won by Kurt, followed by Bjorn, Scott, Ryan, Craig, Paul, Michael Potgieter, Alex, Clint and Miguel and Arashad.

In the GP-Vets class Wayne Masters took overall honours by winning the last race and all there races on the day ahead of Rob, Laurance, Quinton, Mike and Mauro.

The overall Results for the day.




Published by:  Mike Venske

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