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September 18, 2018  

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The race we all look forward to, the one that tests, the driver, the car and the team…


This past weekend saw us head to the Free State to the super fast and flowing Phakisa Freeway circuit, for the annual Phakisa 200km event, this is a ‘’double’’ points scoring event, as one set is for where we finish in class and the other for where we finish on Index… so it is all about firstly finishing the race, and being as consistant as possible, and naturally working with the team and hoping for a slick pit stop.

It is also a very well supported event with us combining with the 111 Sports & Saloons and this gets us to a 50 car grid… quite something…

Friday we had 3 practice sessions and we set a time of 2.04 my quickest there in this little rocket yet… thanks to Graeme for showing me a super trick line ? and we were confident that we could put in the laps consistantly with 2.05s all day … we managed to be in the top 3 of class B in all the sessions.

Saturday midday was qualifying and I sadly lost the plot a little before and ended up concentrating on everything but my qualifying, which resulted in a slower time, and putting myself 29th on the grid and 5th in class B, so I had my work cut out for me, I managed to clear my head and on the rolling start I put my head down and went out there and just got into the zone from the word go, I took 1 spot in class (a few more overall) by turn 3, and then slowly just kept the laps at the 2.05s as we knew I could, with a few 2.04s for good measure, the tyres started to go off as the circuit is quite abrasive and a long race like this takes its toll.

I had to make a compulsary stop as this is the rule anyway, and the light was fading, I was being a real clock watcher as we had agreed that on the hour I would make my stop, but when you are in such a good rhythm, doing a pit stop is the furthest from one’s mind (thankfully) the tyres ensured I went in, unfortunately, my team mate Raais was also in, so the crew had to split themsleves into two and we both had slower than expected pit stops, which naturally  also affects the index results, but I got back out there and got back onto the pace and back into the rhythm, but the light started fading very quickly and the officials had to make the call to stop the race before we reached the 200km mark, which is also disapointing, BUT it was such a great race never the less… best of all I had done the entire race on my own and managed to get up to 2nd in class B and 18th overall.

All in all a GREAT weekend, with superb racing and as always lots of fun.

Before we get to the next round of the SuperHatch championship, I am getting thrown out of my comfort zone again this weekend when we head to Killarney in Cape Town for another go at this Polo Cup Racing… wish me luck

Next up we will be the penultimate round at Zwartkops on the 13th of October…


Published by:  Melanie Spurr

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