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February 12, 2018  

Supplied by Motorsport SA Administrator from Motorsport SA, one of South Africa’s leading motorsport media service providers is starting the 2018 events season with two new photographers included in their line-up.


 Cape Town based Heinrich Sauer and Jason Hanslo have both conducted work for the company during 2017. Their incorporation forms part of a strategic move to extend their service offerings to the Western Cape market.

Since he founded the company in 2009, Editor and stalwart photographer Paul Blackburn developed his passion for motorsport photography into a profit-generating business providing a host of professional media services. 2017 saw Cape Town born freelance photographer and media consultant Reynard Gelderblom relocating to Gauteng and joining RacePics Team in a full-time capacity. This led to the former label Street Motion being taken over by RacePics which gave birth to the launch of; a platform which allows for the free publication and distribution of local motorsport content. A host of bespoke PR and social media management services were added during this period. Penetrating the Cape Town market has always been a goal, and with the inclusion of Sauer and Hanslo, this has become a more affordable service to those based in the mother city.

43-year-old Sauer has been professionally covering powerboat racing for just over a decade while spending his free weekends photographing from the fence at the Killarney International Raceway. His work soon became a favourite in the karting community, but it was a set of unique circumstances that led to Gelderblom arranging for his Motorsport South Africa media accreditation during April 2013. Since then he has solidified his reputation for consistently delivering a high standard of work within a relatively short time. During 2017 Sauer was contracted by RacePics to provide photographic coverage of the Cape Town round of the Red Square Kawasaki ZX-10R Masters Cup which he did superbly. In 2017 he also took over Gelderblom’s responsibilities with the Western Cape GTi Challenge.

41-year-old Hanslo comes from a family devoted to supporting South African rallying. This passion never faded, instead Hanslo combined this with his love for photography. Hanslo never pursued a career in circuit photography, but after following his work for a while Gelderblom extended an invitation to him to apply for accreditation during the latter part of the 2015 season.  Since then Hanslo became actively involved in a host of circuit disciplines while also establishing himself in the field of wedding and corporate photography. His ability to capture speed as well as detail saw him contracted to RacePics for the final round of the 2017 Extreme Festival at Zwartkops Raceway.

Blackburn anticipates a high standard of work from both the new team members as he welcomes them to RacePics: “For us, it is never about how we can showcase ourselves as individuals in the industry, but rather how we can make our client stand out above the rest. This requires a team effort and means employing the best dynamic people for the task at hand. We are confident that Heinrich and Jason will fill these roles with the same quality of work that saw us deciding to bring them on-board.”

Blackburn continues to outline their role in penetrating the Western Cape market: “A problem we have always faced was the travelling distance and additional costs involved. Due to this, there is a significant increase in our price to customers. With Heinrich and Jason based in Cape Town, we are now able to provide the same exposure for the potential motorsport customer and sponsors in Cape Town at the same price as what we charge in Gauteng. To top, should we face a scenario where we require another photographer for an event then we have them available as a reliable option. In addition, they will also be able to sell their images individually through our website and we hope they enjoy the same support we do up here in Gauteng. A series which will already be reaping the rewards will be the GTI Challenge who’s welcoming their new title sponsor Burly Pro for the 2018 season.”

Published by:  RacePics

Picture Caption:  From the Left:  Heinrich Sauer has established himself a professional photographer in powerboating and motorsport over the last decade.  Jason Hanslo finds comfort when covered in rally dust, soaking up the sun at the circuit or while photographing weddings and corporate events


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