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Motorsport is controlled worldwide by two governing bodies: the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) responsible for all forms of automobile sport, and the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), responsible for all categories of motorcycling. The Commission Internationale de Karting (CIK), forms part of the FIA.

Both the FIA and FIM recognise only one National Federation in each country, with such Federation in turn being responsible for the control and administration of the sport in its own country. In South Africa, the FIA and FIM have transferred their sporting powers to Motorsport - South Africa (MSA) and all motorsporting events in the country are held in accordance with FIA and FIM Sporting Codes. South Africa is one of only a few countries responsible for the control of both car and motorcycle sporting events, with most other countries having separate governing bodies for the two disciplines.

There has never been any discrimination in motorsport, and before any club's application for affiliation to MSA is considered, the club has to provide a copy of its Constitution to MSA, wherein it must be clearly stated that there will be no discrimination between race, colour, creed or religion within the club. The MSA Handbook further specifies this in the “Introduction” Section.

The control of motorsport in South Africa is divided into six regions, namely Northern Regions; Kwazulu Natal; Western Province; Eastern Province; Border and FS/Northern Cape

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Strategic Plan


Annual General Meeting 


Date:  30 August 2017
Venue: SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee)
Address: Olympic House, James and Ethel Grey Park, Atholl Oaklands Road, Melrose
Location: Latitude : -26.135261 | Longitude : 28.067109




Dear Member,

MSA’s 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM), scheduled to take place on Wednesday 30th August 2017, will mark the end of the current term of office for several of the company’s directors, and an election will therefore take place at the AGM for directors for the 2017 to 2020 term of office.

Attached to this letter please find a copy of MSA’s latest memorandum of incorporation, which has been updated following MSA’s Special General Meeting held last month. The most significant change with regard to the nomination and ultimate election of directors – see clause 16.6 – stipulates that no more than one individual representing a specific family or entity may serve on the board at any given time. Additionally, and for the first time, arrangements will be put in place for voting for directors to also take place at the same time in the major centres of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London and Durban – see clause 40.9.1. Please note that the extended opportunities for physical ballots to be cast will see proxy voting fall away as an option in connection with the election of directors. Fuller details with regard to the voting procedures outside of the AGM in Gauteng will be advised in due course.

The following current directors will reach the end of their current term of office at the AGM but have indicated that they will make themselves available for re-election:

  • George Avvakoumides (MSA chairman – Gauteng based)
  • Des Easom (Western Cape based)
  • Johan Fourie (Gauteng based)
  • Glyn Hall (Gauteng based)
  • Mike Rowe (Eastern Cape based)
  • Nadia Singh (Western Cape based)

Peter du Toit, having served two consecutive terms, will not be available for re-election while Ashwin Harri and Melanie Spurr were elected to three year terms of office in 2016.

MSA’s corporate members entitled to vote shall therefore have the opportunity to elect seven (7) directors to serve the 2017-2020 term of office.

Accordingly, you are hereby invited to submit additional nominations for the  seven (7) available  positions, over and above the retiring directors who are available for re-election. In terms of the provisions of the MOI, such nominations are required to be received by MSA no later than 30 days prior to the AGM so please ensure that your nominations are submitted by no later than the close of business on Monday, 31st July 2017.

A nomination form is attached to this letter and should be returned  duly  completed before  the deadline to Mrs Maria Buys, on email address Maria will acknowledge receipt of all nominations received so, if you do not hear back from her after you have submitted a nomination, please follow up with her to ascertain that she did in fact receive the nomination submitted.

MSA looks forward to receiving your nominations. In the event of any queries, or should any further information be required, please do not hesitate to contact the writer or one of the other members of my management team, Jacqui Monteiro or Wayne Riddell.

Issued on behalf of Adrian Scholtz - MSA Chief Executive Officer



Click here to download the - 161260 - MSA Directors Nomination Form
Click here to download the - 161261 - Nomination of MSA Directors for 2017 - 2020 Term of Office
Click here to download the Memorandum of Incorporation - as amended following SGM held 27.06.2017
Click here to download the Minutes from the 21st Annual General Meeting - 21 September 2016
Click here to download the Minutes of the Special General Meeting - 27 June 2017


Memorandum Incorporation

MSA Internal Rules and Regulations
Click here to download the document in pdf format

The Memorandum of Incorporation of Motorsport South Africa
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SASCOC Confirmation of Membership
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What Does MSA Do For Us?

National and International recognition:
MSA enjoys national and international recognition by the Department of Sport and Recreation, SASCOC (South African Sport Confederation and Olympic Committee) and the International Controlling Bodies for car and motorcycle sport respectively, being the Federation Internationalè de l’Automobile (FIA) and the Federation Internationalè de Motocyclisme (FIM).

Stability and Good Corporate Governance:
MSA (and its predecessors in title) have been the backbone of South African motorsport from grass roots to international competition for over 30 years for all facets of the sport, namely Car Circuit Racing, Motorcycle Circuit Racing, Off-Road Cars, Rallies, Off-Road Motorcycles, Off-Road Quads, Motocross, Supermoto, Enduro’s, Drag Racing, Karting, Oval, 4x4 Challenge, Trials, Spinning and Drifting. Members are offered audited financial statements and being a Non Profit Company, any profit goes back into the sport.

Trained and qualified officials:
To provide professional and qualified staff and officials (Marshals, Clerks of the Course, Stewards, Environmental Stewards or Chief Medical Officers) with proven ability and experience. These officials are trained and graded.

Third Party Liability Coverage:
Clubs/Promoters enjoy extensive Third Party Liability coverage when they host events under MSA’s banner. In addition to this MSA applies, on behalf of their clubs and promoters, to the South African Police Services (SAPS) for approval of events as required by the Safety at Sporting Events Act.

Comprehensive Medical Insurance:
MSA arranges personal accident insurance cover for its competitors and officials and negotiates with insurers on an on-going basis to ensure the best deal possible for these individuals, despite a high claims ratio of nearly 113% over the last 3 years. Officials and the media are also covered under the policy and MSA subsidizes a portion of these premiums. MSA has an in-house liaison person to facilitate claims made against the various policies. In 2011 the smallest claim honoured was R1 069 and the biggest nearly R350 000, which is only possible under the group accident cover due to the number of competitors.

MSA administers all motorsport events from club to international level, compiles an annual calendar of motorsport events with input from all stakeholders, provides the rules to ensure fair competition and undertakes the scoring of a host of club, regional and national championship series.

MSA awards regional and national championship titles and hosts annual Regional and National Prizegivings. MSA utilises its international ties to facilitate the participation of local competitors in international events.

Liaison with stakeholders and the media - extensive up to date website providing competitors and stakeholders the platform to communicate with a global audience, with comprehensive coverage extending to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and the Blackberry Messaging platform.

eNewsletter system keeping competitors abreast of their facet of the sport.

Online-licensing, extended to officials who can access the system to renew their official licences or write an online examination. In line with Technology Licences can be downloaded via an App.

Negotiated added value:
Competitors and officials enjoy the negotiated added value items such as cheaper flights, accommodation and car hire through our partners.

Established structures: MSA offers national and regional structures for each facet of the sport, elected by the stakeholders, in all geographical locations as required by legislation to ensure that you have access and representation.

Responsible programs:
MSA has an active and responsible program for the protection of the environment and was the 1st Sporting Federation in South Africa to adopt an Environmental Code. Despite the challenges involved MSA utilises its best endeavours to promote the sport to communities not previously exposed to it and assist competitors with the necessary information with regards to the requirements of the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) and SAIDS (South African Institute for Drug Free Sport).







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